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We recently sat down with IMA ART Fertility CEO Michelle Tang to speak about the groundbreaking high-end luxury fertility and surrogacy concierge.

In the modern world, many couples are finding themselves struggling to have children. This has become a growing problem as fertility rates have seen a drastic drop in recent years. While there are many potential reasons for this decline – such as environmental stressors, lifestyle choices and age – it could also be connected to wealth and hard work. As people become more focused on their careers and achieving success, they may find themselves deferring the idea of having children until later in life. This can lead to difficulty conceiving and a decreased ability to do so naturally.

But much more than this, a certain kind of lifestyle brings with it its own problems. Too much stress, long working hours and an unhealthy diet can contribute to a decrease in fertility. In addition, those who work in high-pressure jobs may be less likely to have time for themselves or their partner – let alone the idea of starting a family.

So, when the time does come for you to start a family, finding the right kind of institution to help you do so is key. IMA ART Fertility in Beverly Hills provides just that. Offering both surrogacy and fertility treatments and related concierge services, this renowned specialist has the skill and knowledge to ensure expecting parents are well looked after every step of the way. With a keen understanding of what affluent couples need and a personalised approach, IMA ART Fertility is the ideal choice for those looking to start their family.

We recently sat down with IMA ART Fertility CEO Michelle Tang to speak about the groundbreaking high-end luxury fertility and surrogacy concierge.

What inspired you to launch IMA ART Fertility?

Speak to any parent and they will tell you that a child is the most precious thing on earth. Perhaps that makes parenthood the ultimate luxury; but for the estimated 15% of couples who run into fertility problems, it’s a luxury that’s unobtainable without recourse to fertility or surrogacy solutions.

In many international jurisdictions, building a family through assisted reproductive technology, is not available to singles and LGBTQIA+.

The world’s wealthiest are not immune from these family creation challenges, but until recently they lacked a dedicated fertility and surrogacy concierge with the luxury touches and exemplary service suited to such high-end clientele.

With IMA ART Fertility catering exclusively to a very select type of clientele, how do you ensure your clients receive the highest level of fertility care, privacy and support?

Clients gain access to IMA ART’s curated network of the world’s leading experts in personalized fertility solutions, reproductive law, clinical psychology and surrogate insurance, alongside our cutting-edge approach to fertility governance and the meticulous support of our impeccable concierge services.

IMA ART’s privacy and support extend to a comprehensive governance framework for fertility & surrogacy. IMA ART is the first entity to create and abide by a fertility governance management framework, where the interests of our parents and surrogates are well protected.

A final exclusive touch includes our IMA ART app – by invitation – connecting relevant parties within a private ecosystem. The app is a secure solution developed and managed by a SOC II-certified vendor.

IMA ART Fertility - Luxury Fertility & Surrogacy
Michelle Tang, CEO of IMA ART Fertility
What sets IMA ART Fertility apart from other fertility programs?

IMA ART is the first-of-its-kind luxury fertility and surrogacy solutions concierge exclusively serving high-net-worth individuals. The company provides discreet one-stop fertility programmes geared towards discerning clientele.

This rarefied market is untapped because high-net-worth individuals face fertility challenges like the rest of us. But they don’t have time to create their families as they’re busy creating wealth. By design, we accept a limited number of clients each year, assuring there are no limits to the care and personalised support we offer.

CEO & Founder Michelle Tang shared, “learning from my work in Swiss banking, privacy is a core principle and top priority in serving high-net-worth individuals. At IMA ART, every aspect of our operation contemplates client confidentiality and how to safeguard it. Most unusual in this industry, we absolutely do not publish pictures, testimonials or names of our clients or their babies.”

What kind of in-depth consultation do you provide for new clients?

IMA ART provides our clientele with an unlimited number of private consultations to review and answer their many questions. We are cognizant and respectful of the limited time wealthy clients have to gather information and make educated decisions.

What measures have you taken to accommodate international clients?

We are an international business operating in the luxury sphere – we are anything but a 9-to-5 company. We have to make ourselves available to our clients when they want us to be available. It’s another element that sets us apart from other agencies operating in this space.

Our service for international clients includes complimentary airport pickup and check-in at their Beverly Hills five-star hotel. We also arrange executive transport to and from the fertility clinic for each treatment.

IMA ART offers an extensive and deluxe concierge service in Beverly Hills, including fine-dining reservations, luxury shopping on Rodeo Drive and relaxing spa treatments.

Do you have any long-term plans or goals for the growth of IMA ART Fertility in the near future?

Our goal is to be recognized as the pre-eminent luxury fertility and surrogacy concierge provider in the world. We want to be the best, not the biggest – to be a brand that lasts and helps families create future generations.

Are there any restrictions on who can use your services or sign up to become a client?

By law, any single person, any couple whether married or not, may seek assisted reproductive technology in California. This makes California the fertility capital of the world.

Could you tell us about any new innovations, technologies, or advances in fertility treatments that are part of the IMA ART program today, and how do these benefit clients?

Research and developments in the field of fertility continue unabated. The results are ever-increasing success rates, defined as giving birth to a single healthy child.

California and the United States are world leaders in frozen egg donation and preimplantation genetic testing.

Success in other jurisdictions, however, is merely testing positive for pregnancy following embryo transfer. This is rather misleading, as miscarriages in pregnancy most often happen in the first trimester.

How often do you review and make changes to the service offerings at IMA ART Fertility to keep up with advances in technology and treatments available within this field?

Yes, this is a good question. IMA ART Fertility continuously reviews and updates our service offerings to keep up with advances in medicine, clinical psychology, reproductive law and our concierge program.

Could you explain what makes a successful partnership between yourself and a client when looking at infertility solutions together – what kind of attitude should they take towards this process, and how can they best prepare themselves before getting started with IMA ART Fertility’s services?

IMA ART Fertility emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the lead-up to commencing fertility treatments. This includes but is not limited to, eating healthy, exercising and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

A vital component of IMA ART providing fertility concierge services depends upon our clients responding to our questions within 48 hours.

How can someone interested in learning more about IMA ART Fertility contact your team directly to get more information or arrange an initial consultation with one of your experts, clinicians, doctors, therapists, etc.?

IMA ART CEO & Founder and Executive VP are available to answer any and all questions. This process of clients understanding the complexities and options may involve upwards of 5 to 10 hours of private consultations.

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