Important Things You Need To Know About Going Through Labor

Going through labour is hard. It’s not just any other type of pain that anyone has ever experienced before, which is why you should know what to expect when it comes time for your baby to arrive. Labour can be one of the most painful things in a person’s lifetime, so it’s best you are prepared and educated on what will happen before going into this experience. In this article we will discuss potential risks and procedures a woman, the baby and their bodies go through during labour.


Labor isn’t the easiest thing that anyone has ever experienced before, and it can be even harder to go through when you haven’t been educated about what will happen during labor. The first step into learning about labor should come from your doctor or midwife who will explain to you the risk factors and procedures that may occur during labor. One of the risks that can happen is your baby or yourself pulling on something while going through labor, as this can cause neonatal subgaleal hemorrhage, also known as a hematoma. If you or your baby experience this it’s important to get in touch with a medical professional immediately. Pulling on something during labor can also be known as traction.    

If you are unaware of what this means it is when your baby accidentally pulls on something during labor, which can cause bleeding under the membrane that surrounds the brain. This bleeding can occur because of pressure or force-placed onto your baby’s head during delivery, especially if they are in an abnormal position or if they need to be pulled out quickly.

If you have a cesarean section the procedure that may occur is when someone cuts through your uterus and they make an incision in the membrane around your baby’s head. This can cause bleeding, but it is common when babies are born by C-section because they tend to have a large head.

This isn’t something that is so often, but when it occurs it’s a serious issue and a complication in labor. You need to know what can happen so you are prepared before going through labor, especially with the potential risks of traction or hematoma.

Birth Balls

One way that women can ease the pain that they experience when going through labor is by using birth balls. This is a large ball that you will actually sit on during labor and it allows you to lean back onto it while pushing to help with back labor. These balls can be found online for purchase, or in your local baby store. If you’re interested in buying your own ball then here’s an example of some that can be found on Amazon.  

Birth balls aren’t the only thing that women use when going through labor, there are other options available as well. Some women like to use a squat bar for support and help with back labor, while others go with something like a birthing stool.

Birthing Stool

A birthing stool gives women the option of having something to lean back onto and push with during labor that is sturdy and secure. These stools, like birth balls, can be found online or in your local baby store. A lot of these birthing stools will actually come with a bar you can grab onto for support.

Birthing stools may seem like they are not important, but they actually have a lot of uses during labor and they are sure to give women the help they need when going through labor.

Receiving Push Medication

There is push medication available which helps ease the pain that women feel when they go through labor. However, in order to receive this, you need consent from your doctor or midwife, so it’s important to talk about this with them before you go into labor.

When you receive push medication it can be in the form of an injection or through an IV. If you decide to go with the injection then you will need to stay still while your doctor or midwife injects this into your hip. The medications that are most commonly used for pain management during labor include numbing agents like pudendal blocks, spinal and epidurals.

When you receive an epidural or spinal, it works by blocking the area of your body that is transmitting pain signals to your brain. This provides instant relief for women who are dealing with contractions during labor, however, it also makes you unable to withhold any type of gas because this medication affects the part of your body that controls your motor function.

During labor, most women are in so much pain that they are willing to do just about anything to get some relief during this time. However, these medications can have negative side effects on you and your baby’s health if not taken properly or in the right dosage. This is why it’s important to talk about it with your doctor or midwife before labor begins, and why you need to understand the side effects that can occur when you receive push medication.

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