NOX Beach Club: Central Vietnam’s Premier Social Hub

A beacon of sophistication and social allure, this upscale oasis, located within the esteemed Hoiana Resort & Golf, has recently illuminated the shores with a dazzling launch party. This event not only marked the club’s grand entrance but also heralded the dawn of a vibrant new era in hospitality, blending style, sophistication, and conviviality.

Introducing NOX Beach Club: Central Vietnam's Premier Social Hub

In the heart of Hoiana Resort & Golf, NOX Beach Club stands as a testament to contemporary luxury and refined leisure. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An, located a mere 15 minutes away, the club seamlessly integrates elements of local culture and global elegance.

Its sprawling expanse encompasses a large freeform swimming pool, six innovative epicurean venues, intimate cabanas, and sun-drenched loungers, offering a haven for daytime relaxation and evening escapades alike.

A Glittering Debut: NOX Beach Club’s Grand Opening

As the sun dipped below the horizon on Friday, 15th March, over 500 guests gathered at NOX Beach Club for a grandiose launch affair. Against the backdrop of the azure ocean and lush tropical foliage, attendees were treated to an evening brimming with electrifying entertainment, authentic cuisine, and captivating live performances.

Introducing NOX Beach Club: Central Vietnam's Premier Social Hub

The highlight of the evening was a mesmerizing showcase by Suboi, Vietnam’s esteemed hip-hop luminary, who enthralled the audience with her latest hit “Dau Thien Ha.” Complemented by top-tier DJs, dynamic dance acts, and a spellbinding fire show, the event culminated in a crescendo of excitement, punctuated by a spectacular fireworks display.

Within the vibrant atmosphere of NOX Beach Club’s launch party, guests revelled in an unforgettable fusion of music, gastronomy, and social interaction. Celebrities and influencers mingled with local residents and international visitors, all united by a shared appreciation for luxury experiences and cultural immersion.

Against the backdrop of the club’s stylish surroundings, friendships were forged, and memories were made, solidifying NOX Beach Club’s status as a premier destination for discerning socialites and trendsetters alike.

Introducing NOX Beach Club: Central Vietnam's Premier Social Hub

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey at NOX Beach Club

Under the culinary stewardship of Chef Omar Ugoletti, NOX Beach Club promises an unparalleled epicurean experience. With six distinct restaurants and bars, the club caters to every palate and preference, offering a fusion of global flavours and local delicacies.

From the Seafood Shack’s tantalising seafood creations to the authentic Italian fare at Osteria, each venue transports diners on a gastronomic odyssey. Moreover, the Banh Mi & Noodles eatery celebrates the vibrant flavours of Hoi An’s street food scene, while the Grill tantalises taste buds with premium steaks and seafood masterfully prepared over charcoal fires.

Introducing NOX Beach Club: Central Vietnam's Premier Social Hub

At NOX Beach Club, culinary excellence is not just a promise but a way of life. Every dish is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets and trusted suppliers.

Chef Ugoletti’s innovative approach to dining ensures that each meal is a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas, designed to tantalise and delight the senses. Whether indulging in a leisurely brunch by the pool or savouring a gourmet dinner under the stars, guests are treated to a culinary journey that transcends expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

Signature Experiences: Daytime Escapes and Nighttime Revelries

Beyond its culinary offerings, NOX Beach Club sets the stage for an array of immersive experiences designed to delight guests day and night. From tranquil Day Escapes amidst poolside serenity to vibrant Night Affairs featuring Saturday Pool Parties and Ladies’ Nights, the club caters to diverse preferences.

Introducing NOX Beach Club: Central Vietnam's Premier Social Hub

Live DJs, themed events, and captivating performances add a dynamic flair to the ambience, ensuring every visit is infused with excitement and elegance. Additionally, NOX Beach Club stands ready to host exclusive private gatherings, from intimate soirées to corporate events, tailored to exceed expectations.

The allure of NOX Beach Club extends far beyond its sun-kissed shores and culinary delights. It represents a lifestyle, a philosophy of indulgence and celebration, where every moment is an opportunity to create cherished memories.

Whether basking in the glow of a tropical sunset or dancing beneath the stars, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world of luxury, leisure, and boundless possibility.

With its unrivalled hospitality and commitment to excellence, NOX Beach Club sets a new standard for beachside elegance and social sophistication.

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