Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let’s Find Out

If you are planning to buy Kratom in Florida, the first question you will have is Kratom legal in Florida? So the answer is yes, but FDA and DEA classify it as a regulated compound because of Kratom addiction and subsequent offences of the compound.

Overview Of Kratom

Southeast Asia is home to various evergreen trees, and Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree, is also native to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand. Many people have been using the leaves of these trees for their potential beneficial properties. The leaves are often put under the sun even after they are plucked from the source, and farmers call it the drying procedure.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let's Find Out

Kratom advocates claim that it may act as a pain reliever; the compound’s leaves may help with chronic pain, offer psychoactive effects, and act as a sedative. Kratom’s scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa.

A lot of people use the leaves of the compound in different ways. For example, if you want the best result, you can directly chew the fresh leaves of the compound. Another effective and popular way of consuming Kratom is drying the leaves and putting them into a tea. If you consume Kratom in small doses, it can be beneficial in boosting energy and in increasing productivity.

However, if you consume this opioid compound in more quantity, you will experience a sedative-like effect.

Various Kratom products like high quality liquid kratom, are available, pills, capsules, powders to vapes. It has a lot to offer.

Types Of Kratom Strains

Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let's Find Out

There are a few different strains available in the industry. Mainly these high-quality Kratom strains are differentiated based on the vein’s colours. The most famous Kratom strains are:

Red Vein Kratom Strain

Red vein strain is famous for its possible calming and stress-relieving effects. Red veins may make you happier and enhance your mood throughout the day. Red vein compounds may also aid in sleeping well. This strain may also be utilised to ease muscle tension and lessen discomfort.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let's Find Out

Various red vein strain products, such as red vein capsules, pills and powder, are available in the market. Red Thai strain, Red Indo, Red Sumatra, Red Bali and Red Maeng Da are popular red vein strains.

White Vein Kratom Strain

The most popular white vein products are white Sumatra, white bail and white thai. If you are new to white vein strain, you should start with small doses of white vein strain.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let's Find Out

Many Kratom users use white vein Kratom to help with mental health disorders. In addition, users of white vein Kratom may experience clarity, focus, and increased endurance.

Green Vein Kratom Strain

The green vein strain is in between the red and the white vein. This strain of Kratom may also improve the focus and alertness of the user. In addition, many users claim that green vein strain may help ease the pain without making them feel drowsy. It may also aid in mental health disorders.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let's Find Out

The most popular green vein strains available in the industry are Green Borneo, Green Bali, Green indo and Green Malay.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act In Florida

Florida, the sunshine state, has the Kratom consumer protection act to ensure the safety standard and responsibility of both Kratom users and vendors. Florida KCPA is approved by states like Utah, Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma, while other states are still debating its legislation.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Let's Find Out

To keep the opioid-like compound legal in Florida and other states, the American Kratom Association passed the Kratom consumers protection act.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) took action by passing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to ensure that Kratom remains legal in the USA.

However, it would be against the law to produce or distribute Kratom that:

  1. Products that contain non-Kratom or toxic/illegal substances.
  2. Any Kratom product that contains synthetic alkaloids or synthetic cannabinoids.
  3. If any Kratom product contains more than 2% of the alkaloid 7-hydroxy mitragynine
  4. If the product does not mention the ingredients on the label.
  5. The law imposes fines on companies that disregard the rules.

Is Kratom A Controlled Substance?

Kratom is legal in Florida, and at present, the state permits the sale and consumption of Kratom, except in Sarasota County. Kratom is legal in most states, even though several have either outright outlawed it or have proposed laws that would do so.

A subcommittee of the most recent Florida legislation was disbanded in 2017 to investigate whether Kratom should be re-categorized as a controlled substance. However, there is still a lot of disagreement over the application, efficiency, and potential hazards of Kratom.

There is no federal regulation on Kratom in the US, meaning there is no official body to govern or certify the safety and potency of Kratom products bought in the states or even purchased online.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, Aka DEA, decided to label Kratom as a restricted substance due to drug abuse and substance addiction. In addition, certain states have outlawed Kratom and decided to make it illegal to grow, buy and sell Kratom, but still, Kratom is legal on the federal level.

Kratom Legality In Florida

This Mitragyna speciosa tree comes from the southern parts of Asia, and it produces this opioid-like compound. Because it contains the chemicals mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, and both these compounds are known for their opioid-like and stimulant effects, the leaves and shoot of the tree are famous for their therapeutic properties and psychedelic effects.

The drug may aid with pain and may be beneficial in helping with symptoms associated with opiate drug physical dependence, such as those brought on by Vicodin and heroin use (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). You can order these leaves online in the states where it is not considered illegal.

There have been attempts to pass two legislation bills to make Kratom illegal to possess in Florida, but both the bills died in committee. So at present, Kratom is legal in Florida.

Union County

A rising number of reports of adverse reactions and liver damage associated with Kratom have been to poison control centres, which is why union county has banned Kratom substances.

Johns County

There have been attempts to outlaw Kratom in other Florida counties than Sarasota County. Although St. Johns County considered it, they never implemented the ban.

Reason For Ban In Johns County

An informal “drug task group” advocated for a Kratom ban at the beginning of 2019, and the topic was the main discussion of the meeting in St. Johns County Commissioners.

The so-called “task force” had no proof, in contrast to the advocates’ first-hand experience and one commissioner’s statement, “I see no reason whatsoever to pursue any restriction. Ultimately, the opioid-like compound narrative in St. John’s County is a victory of public outcry over false information and unjustified stigma.

Sarasota County

In January 2014, Sarasota county accepted an ordinance banning Kratom. This opioid-like compound is banned for human consumption and cultivation. In addition, it’s illegal to buy and sell it. Misdemeanour violations are punishable by fines of up to $500.

Reasons For Ban In Sarasota County

The ban in Sarasota County, just like another Kratom ban, is based on misinformation. The compound is not a “designer drug,” even though Sarasota County Municipal Code incorrectly labels it.

It is a pure compound and all-natural and organic. So when you buy it from a trusted seller, you get high quality with no additions or artificial ingredients. Of course, if the substance is not pure, it may have an adverse reaction, and in such cases, Kratom legality can be an issue. But it is very different from synthetic drugs like bath salts or spices.

Which Areas Ban Kratom?

Countries and states that have banned Kratom use are:

  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • South korea
  • San Diego

Which Counties Have Regulated Its Use?

Regulated states that allow Kratom use with minimum age are:

  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • Oregon
  • Illinois
  • New Hampshire

Kratom Is Legal In Which Counties?

It is legal in the Following countries:

  • Massachusetts
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Connecticut
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • South Dakota
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Washington
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Alaska
  • Idaho

The Bottom Line

In the end, we are sure you must have got the answer to the most important question is Kratom legal in Florida? Kratom is legal in Florida and you can find it’s products in vape shops and on online websites. But Florida regulates Kratom for certain ages. For instance, Florida college students can’t go and get Kratom because of age and substance abuse.

However, many states and countries worldwide have different rules and regulations for Kratom sales. Some countries regulate Kratom and other substances, while others have no rules for opioid-like compounds and other drugs, and the sale of such are legal either for personal or health care or medical use.

The extract does, however, possess stimulant and opioid-like effects. Due to a lack of enough scientific proof, we cannot assert that the product can assist in treating these conditions. Hence, even FDA and the DEA do not advise using it. They make no claims that the extract is unlawful, nevertheless.

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