JA Hatta Fort Hotel’s Newly Launched Terra Cabins

JA Hatta Fort Hotel in the eastern United Arab Emirates has launched its newest offering, the Terra Cabins, set to welcome guests starting March 1.

With its unique concept of providing a hotel-like experience in an environmentally friendly way, the Terra Cabins boast striking exteriors and cosy interiors, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Discovering the Beauty of Hatta

Located in the rugged mountains of Hatta, the Terra Cabins offer guests a unique experience of reconnecting with nature while exploring Hatta’s inherent beauty.

The cabins have been designed with low-impact, sustainable solutions, featuring natural pine wood treated with dusk-grey wash and façades that blend seamlessly with the surrounding Al Hajar mountains.

Environmentally Friendly Accommodations

The Terra Cabins are a perfect example of a hotel accommodation that provides comfort while taking the environment into consideration.

The roofs have been designed specifically to cater to the future installation of solar panels, and the insulation layer underneath the roof helps maintain the indoor climate.

Additionally, the cabins have infrastructure that allows for air conditioning and temperature control.

Perfect for Every Guest

JA Hatta Fort Hotel's Newly Launched Terra Cabins

The Terra Cabins are suitable for every guest, including families, couples, and friends.

Guests may opt to choose from the regular Terra Cabins, which can accommodate up to four guests with a bunk bed and double bed, or the Deluxe Terra Cabins, which can accommodate up to six guests with two bunk beds, a double pull-out bed, and a dedicated patio area.

The cabins also include a mini-bar, walk-in rain shower, on-demand multimedia projector, wardrobe, and alcove seating area.

A Dog-Friendly Retreat

The Terra Cabins offer a safe and spacious environment for guests with furry friends. The resort also offers dog-friendly cabins, allowing guests to bring their pets along, enjoy walks, and play games of fetch.

Facilities and Recreational Activities

Guests staying at the Terra Cabins can access all the facilities at JA Hatta Fort Hotel, including 24-hour in-room dining services and speciality restaurants.

The resort offers various recreational activities, such as hiking, biking, and jogging in the mountains around the cabins.

Referred to the Highlands of Dubai, Hatta has been designed to provide unique and exciting experiences.

Guests can also enjoy kayaking across the Hatta Dam, archery, and air gun shooting.

The Launch of Terra Cabins

Deborah Thomson, General Manager at JA Hatta Fort Hotel, expressed her excitement about the launch of Terra Cabins. She stated that the hotel’s expansion is in line with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s vision for 2023, the “Year of Sustainability.”

Thomson also shared the hotel’s commitment to an environmental movement that aligns with the UAE’s vision.

JA Hatta Fort Hotel's Newly Launched Terra Cabins


The Terra Cabins at JA Hatta Fort Hotel provide guests with a perfect opportunity to escape from the busy city and enjoy nature’s serenity.

With its low-impact design and sustainable solutions, the Terra Cabins provide a unique experience of living in environmentally friendly hotel accommodation.

Whether guests are travelling with their furry friends or exploring the Hatta region’s beauty, the Terra Cabins offer a memorable retreat for everyone.