Jamaica’s Spectacular Stint in 007: Road To A Million Unveiled

Jamaica, a perennial player in the James Bond film saga, has once again taken the spotlight with the release of the thrilling television series, 007: Road To A Million.

In this gripping adventure, viewers are treated to a global escapade, navigating Bond-inspired challenges in pursuit of a life-altering million-pound prize. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting series that showcases the island’s enchanting locales and cultural richness.

Jamaica's Spectacular Stint in 007: Road To A Million Unveiled

Iconic Bond Locations in Jamaica

Jamaica’s association with the James Bond franchise is deeply entrenched. From Doctor Kananga’s underground lair in Live and Let Die to the iconic waterfall in Dr. No, the island has been a backdrop for some of Bond’s most memorable moments. Now, the producers of the James Bond films present a television series that promises to be just as captivating – 007: Road To A Million.

Jamaica's Spectacular Stint in 007: Road To A Million Unveiled

Spread across eight episodes, the series introduces viewers to Bond-inspired challenges set by the enigmatic mastermind, The Controller, portrayed by Brian Cox. Nine pairs of ordinary individuals have the opportunity to win a million pounds by locating and answering ten hidden questions scattered across global locations. This promises an enthralling mix of unique challenges and breathtaking destinations.

Bond-Inspired Adventures in Jamaica

Expressing excitement about Jamaica’s involvement, Donovan White, Director of the Jamaica Tourist Board, states, “Jamaica’s appearance in 007: Road To A Million aligns with our new target of 250,000 UK and Ireland visitors in 2025.” This collaboration aims to showcase Jamaica as the ultimate destination for travellers seeking thrilling experiences and cultural immersion.

In three action-packed episodes – “Episode 005,” “Episode 006,” and the penultimate “Episode 007” – viewers are transported to iconic Bond locations, from GoldenEye to the heart of Kingston.

Jamaica's Spectacular Stint in 007: Road To A Million Unveiled

One daring pair embarks on a maritime adventure, scouring the reefs and marine life in Port Royal for a sunken freight ship from 1977, locally known as Cayman Trader.

Showcasing Kingston’s Beauty

Jamaica’s feature in 007: Road To A Million highlights the captivating beauty of Kingston and the richness of Jamaican culture on a global stage. With the island celebrating its status as the top Caribbean destination for UK travellers, viewers get a glimpse of Jamaica’s abundant offerings for adventure, culture, and nature enthusiasts.

As the series unfolds, The Controller extends an invitation to a luxurious casino in a remote private villa on the island’s coast. Contestants must roll the dice and confront their toughest question yet, injecting an extra layer of excitement into the adventure.

Elizabeth Fox, Regional Director for UK and Northern Europe, affirms Jamaica’s timely involvement, recognizing the island’s rich history and diverse adventurous offerings.

Jamaica's Spectacular Stint in 007: Road To A Million Unveiled

David Glover, CEO of 72 Films and Executive Producer, expresses delight at featuring Jamaica as a key location in season one of 007: Road To A Million. Acknowledging Jamaica’s significant contribution, he commends the island for providing incredible access to stunning locations and making the production team feel exceptionally welcome.

Watch the Spectacle

Jamaica’s starring role in 007: Road To A Million is now available on Prime Video. Viewers can anticipate an unforgettable journey through stunning landscapes, daring challenges, and the irresistible allure of Kingston, Jamaica.

In a world where content quality reigns supreme, 007: Road To A Million stands as a testament to the rich collaboration between the James Bond legacy and the enchanting beauty of Jamaica.

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