Joe Mills’ Top Trendy Mens Haircuts This Season

This season’s top trendy mens haircuts are highlighted by celebrity hairstylist and hugely respected session stylist for men’s hair Joe Mills.

As we head into a new season, it’s the perfect opportunity to look at your hair and hair care regime.

Darker nights and colder days means the products you use on your hair are just as important as the products you use on your skin. While you may not be protecting your hair and scalp from the sun, you need to be protecting it from the harsh winter weather.

It’s also worth noting that it’s not unusual to experience some extra hair shedding during the colder months. In fact, at this time of year, you may experience seasonal hair loss, which often starts in autumn and carries on through the winter. It’s not permanent but the additional shedding can be alarming if you’re not expecting it! Generally, hair can look lacklustre and frizzy in the winter, so there’s no better time to go for a new look.

While you refresh your wardrobe for the new season, why not also refresh your hair with one of the top trendy mens haircuts currently in style? At our barbershops in Soho, Birmingham and Manchester, we talk to our clients about the latest men’s hair trends – with suitability, versatility and wearability on top of the list.

So what men’s hairstyle trends are popular right now? 2019 has been the year of the individual – not complying with the rules, pushing boundaries and wearing what you want, when you want. Here’s my prediction of the top five trendy mens haircuts will want to wear this winter.

1. The Modern Mullet

Joe Mills' Top Trendy Mens Haircuts This Season | The Modern Mullet

Everyone remembers the mullets of the past – from David Bowie in the 1970s and Pat Sharp in the 1980s. But don’t write off the 2019 version. It may still be longer at the back and shorter through the sides, but it’s softer, more textured and much more flexible when it comes to styling.

It’s the perfect style for those who want to wear a bit of length while making a statement. Wear it ironed for a designer feel, or natural for a more relaxed, unstructured finish.

2. The Buzzcut

Joe Mills' Top Trendy Mens Haircuts This Season | The Buzzcut

A buzzcut is a favourite with celebrities and the military! It is the ultimate masculine style that is low maintenance, looks smart and is easy to look after.

Cut short with clippers, the buzzcut can look individual thanks to the shape of the head. This also means it’s not a style that suits everyone! A traditional buzzcut can be quite severe but it will soon grow back.

If you’re bored with your hair and not sure what to do next, this is a great option while you make up your mind. Shake up your products when it starts to grow out and encourage the natural texture to shine through.

3. Longer layers

Joe Mills' Top Trendy Mens Haircuts This Season | Longer layers

A look at the catwalks shows that long layers are back – think shoulder-length hair with movement, and grown-out crops with a soft texture.

Natural, drier textures are continuing to be popular and this season it’s all about encouraging your natural texture rather than fighting against it.

4. The Quiff

Joe Mills' Top Trendy Mens Haircuts This Season | The Quiff

The quiff is the one style that never goes out of fashion. This season it’s at the forefront of fashion with a bang!

Whether it’s Elvis or Morrissey that is the inspiration, 2019 winter version is all about keeping it soft, with subtle just-got-out-of-bed floppiness and encouraging your natural texture and movement.

5. A Splash of Colour

We’re seeing a big demand for men’s colour – everything from covering greys to flashes of hues in copper and blues.

Again, it’s all about the individual rather than following a tribe – and the best bit is it grows out and you can change it up.

Joe Mills

Joe Mills is a hugely respected session stylist for men’s hair, regularly working with magazines and celebrities on editorial, film and project work. His salon, The Lounge Soho, has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, with the Joe and Co barbershop in Soho offering an informal but immaculate grooming space. Joe was recently nominated for GQ’s Barber of the Year and Barbershop of the Year at the British Hairdressing Business Awards, and has launched his new brand, MILLS, in select Primark stores.