Just Who Is George Windsor The Earl of St Andrews

We take a closer look at George Windsor the Earl of St Andrews, the eldest son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and heir apparent to the Dukedom of Kent.

Here in the UK, or royal family draws a lot of interest from people all over the globe.

Ordinarily, for example, the streets outside Buckingham Palace will be awash with tourists and sightseers from all over the globe. Heading there in their droves, cameras in hand, to see where one of the world’s most powerful monarchs resides.

Most of us tend to focus on the more prominent figures in the monarchy. But, if you delve a little deeper and look at the lesser-known members of the royal family, the info you find out will be extremely interesting.

Today, for example, we’re going to be looking at George Windsor, the Earl of St Andrews.

Who Is George Windsor, The Earl of St Andrews?

George Philip Nicholas Windsor is the eldest son of the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward. He is styled as the Earl of St Andrews, despite the fact that this is one of his father’s very own subsidiary titles. He holds this, by courtesy, as he is the heir apparent to the Dukedom of Kent.

George is currently 38th in line for the throne, so whilst it is very highly unlikely that he would ever reign over us, it is certainly not impossible. There is, however, some controversy here, which we’ll be looking at shortly.

George is married to Sylvana Tomaselli, and together, the couple has three children: Lady Amelia Windsor, Lady Marina Windsor, and Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick.

Education and charity work

George Philip Nicholas Windsor is a very intelligent man. When you consider his education, it’s easy to understand why that is.

George received his education at the prestigious college of Eton, as well as Downing College, Cambridgeshire, where he earned his MA Degree.

Like many others in the royal family, George does a great deal of charity work. He is a former diplomat and is currently a trustee to the SOS Children’s Villages UK charity. He is also a patron for the Association for International Cancer Research.

Back in 2012, George also became a trustee of the Next Charity Foundation. This is a charity that works in many parts of the Middle East.

His dedication to charity work doesn’t stop there, however, as he also is a trustee of the Global eHealth Foundation, and a patron of the Welsh Sinfonia.

Furthermore in 2017, George became chancellor of the University of Bolton.

Succession Controversy

Remember how we mentioned a hint of controversy a little earlier? Well, here’s a look at why that is.

As of the publication of this article, George is 38th in line to the throne.

However, because his wife is a Roman Catholic, he could succeed the throne. This is due to the Act of Settlement 1701. It states that no person who is catholic, or who marries a catholic can stand in line to the throne.

As a result of this, from his marriage in 1988, up until the 26th of March 2015, George could not succeed to the throne.

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 was brought into effect on the 26th of March 2016. This meant that he was no longer barred from succession to the crown. Because of this, George Windsor The Earl of St Andrews is currently the most senior individual to ever be restored to succession.

As of this writing, his two eldest children are still barred as they are Catholics. Although most agree that will likely change as the years go by.