Just Who Is Prince Felix of Denmark?

We take a closer look at His Royal Highness Prince Felix of Denmark, the younger son of Prince Joachim and his former wife, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg.

For hundreds of years now, royal families from all across the globe have been revered by the general public and helped shape the history of our world.

When the vast majority of people tend to think of royalty, however, it is the British Monarchy that first springs to mind.

Whilst it is true that the British Isles have an incredibly interesting lineage of royalty that can be traced back hundreds of years, more and more people are showing a keen interest in the Danish Royal Family.

We take a closer look at His Royal Highness Prince Felix of Denmark, the younger son of Prince Joachim and his former wife, Alexandra, the Countess of Frederiksborg.

So, Who is Prince Felix of Denmark?

Prince Felix of Denmark, also styled as the Count of Monpezatis, is a member of the Danish Royal Family.

He is the younger son of Prince Joachim of Denmark, along with his now-estranged wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg.

As of the publication of this article, Prince Felix of Denmark is currently 8th in the line of succession to the Danish throne.

He was born on the 22nd of July 2002 and has one older brother, a younger half-sister, and a younger half-brother.

Interestingly, the prince is of Chinese descent, as his mother is the great-granddaughter of Mary Ho Li, from Guangdong, China.

Early Life

Prince Felix was born at Copenhagen University Hospital on the 22nd of July 2002.

On the 4th of October of that same year, the prince was christened in Møgeltønder church, by royal vicar Christian Thodberg.

Officially, he was christened Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian.

Interestingly, he wasn’t actually awarded his title of the Count of Monpezat until April 2008, when Queen Margrethe II actually granted the title to her male-line descendant.

In the link of succession, Prince Felix is preceded by Prince Nikolai and is succeeded by Prince Henrik.

The prince has always had a reputation for being happy, upbeat and jovial, and generally, he is adored by the vast majority of the general public.

After his mother and father separated and were divorced, they shared joint custody of young Felix.

Interesting Facts About His Name

The name ‘Felix’ was chosen by his parents as they liked the name because it means ‘Happy and Prosperous’.

The name Henrik comes after his paternal grandfather, who was Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.

Valdemar is a common Danish name in the royal family, and interestingly, both his father and his cousin, have Valdemar/Waldemar in their names.

Christian is also a very common name in the Danish royal family, as the majority of kings in Denmark have either been Frederik or Christian.


Prince Felix went to pre-school at Garrison Church in Copenhagen.

By the time he was 6, Felix followed in the footsteps of his brother, uncle, and father, by attending Krebs School, again in Copenhagen, where he officially ended his studies there, back in June 2018.

As of 2018 (August), he is officially a student of Gammel Holte High School.

Feature Image: Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset ©