La Pirogue Marine Centre: Reviving Mauritius’ Marine Ecosystem

With Marine Week taking place from 22nd July to 6th August, La Pirogue Marine Centre located at Sunlife on the beautiful island of Mauritius recently announced the efforts to save the Coral Reefs in Mauritius.

This innovative coral farming programme is on a mission to breathe new life into the coral reef surrounding the island, which has suffered the brunt of climate change, pollution, and human activities.

La Pirogue Marine Centre: Reviving Mauritius' Marine Ecosystem

The Birth of La Pirogue Marine Centre

Established in 2020, the La Pirogue Marine Centre at the four-star hotel, La Pirogue in Mauritius, was born with a noble purpose – to protect and nurture the fragile marine ecosystem. Nestled in Flic en Flac, the centre’s primary focus lies in researching and combating coral bleaching, a significant concern in the region.

At the heart of the La Pirogue Marine Centre’s success lies an innovative micro-fragmenting technique, accelerating the growth of new coral at a rate 25-40 times faster than natural reef growth. This groundbreaking approach has already seen over 2000 coral fragments successfully planted, making it a unique and trailblazing initiative in Mauritius.

La Pirogue Marine Centre: Reviving Mauritius' Marine Ecosystem

Central to the La Pirogue Marine Centre’s vision is the restoration of the marine ecosystem through the establishment of artificial coral farms. These farms play a crucial role in rejuvenating the depleted reef, providing a lifeline for diverse marine life to thrive once again.

Empowering Guests through Coral Farming Classes

For Sunlife guests, a unique opportunity awaits at the La Pirogue Marine Centre – coral farming classes. Enabling visitors to participate actively in conservation efforts, these classes impart valuable knowledge about coral restoration, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Sunlife’s ‘Adopt a Coral’ initiative allows guests to take their commitment a step further. By adopting a coral, patrons can actively contribute to the health of the reef, strengthening the bond between humans and nature.

At the Sunlife Kids Club, children are introduced to the wonders of nature and the ocean in an exciting and educational manner. Through interactive workshops conducted by marine biologists, the young ones learn about the importance of safeguarding our oceans for future generations.

La Pirogue Marine Centre: Reviving Mauritius' Marine Ecosystem

Innovative Collaboration with Research Institutions

The La Pirogue Marine Centre’s ambitious research project enjoys a partnership with esteemed institutions like the Mauritius Research Council and the University of Mauritius. As the first-of-its-kind initiative on the island, this collaboration exemplifies the dedication to fostering knowledge and expertise in marine conservation.

Meet Nitisha Boyjoo, a remarkable 24-year-old marine biologist and professional diver, who plays a crucial role at La Pirogue Marine Centre. Hailing from the village of Canot in Mauritius, Nitisha’s deep love for her island home has been the driving force behind her career in marine conservation.

A finalist for Miss Eco International Mauritius 2022-2023, Nitisha’s commitment to the environment shines through her work. Her passion for coral conservation ignited while assisting in a genetics research project on various coral species at the University of Mauritius. This led her to join the EcoMode Society (EMS), a prestigious NGO dedicated to preserving Mauritius’ marine ecosystem.

La Pirogue Marine Centre: Reviving Mauritius' Marine Ecosystem

Sunlife, Mauritius, comprising luxury hotels such as five-star Sugar Beach, five-star Long Beach, four-star La Pirogue, and four-star Ambre, along with the world-famous Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club on the private island Ile Aux Cerfs, exemplifies a forward-thinking approach towards responsible and inclusive sustainability experiences.


As Marine Week approaches, the efforts of the La Pirogue Marine Centre stand tall, serving as a beacon of hope for Mauritius‘ ailing coral reefs.

Through innovation, collaboration, and a passion for conservation, the centre paves the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for the island’s precious marine ecosystem.

By adopting a coral and empowering the next generation, Sunlife guests play a crucial role in the revival of this underwater paradise, leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship for generations to come.

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