Indulge in a Summer Delight: Ladurée x Burlington Ice Cream Haven

In a harmonious blend of elegance and nature, Ladurée and Burlington Arcade recently announced an extraordinary treat for the senses: the Ladurée x Burlington Summer Garden.

Nestled within the heart of Burlington Arcade, this enchanting garden-style ice cream concept transports visitors to a world of vintage charm and delicate hues. The brainchild of Malachite Studio’s visionary, Alexander Gower, the Summer Garden is a manifestation of artistry and a tribute to the iconic Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

Indulge in a Summer Delight: Ladurée x Burlington Ice Cream Haven

A Captivating Floral Oasis

Designed by Malachite Studio, known for their transformative design perspective, the Ladurée x Burlington Summer Garden is a captivating oasis of blooms and pastels. Drawing inspiration from the romantic Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, the garden’s allure is irresistible. Opened from the 7th of August to the 24th of September 2023, this ephemeral wonderland promises a six-week immersion in floral beauty.

The collaboration between Malachite Studio and Rebel Rebel, the innovative East London Floristry duo of Mariead and Athena, brought the Summer Garden’s vision to life. Sustainability was at the forefront of their creative process, culminating in a blend of Dried and Fresh flowers that adorn the space. From the tables within Burlington Arcade to the ever-evolving seasonal arrangements, the garden breathes life and energy into the surroundings.

A Symphony of Colour and Craftsmanship

Indulge in a Summer Delight: Ladurée x Burlington Ice Cream Haven

Colours of Arley, based in Hackney, have masterfully crafted bespoke cushions from recycled fabrics, including bottles rescued from landfills. These cushions not only add an element of conscious design but also pay homage to the iconic Maison Ladurée’s palette.

Indulgence reaches new heights with Ladurée’s signature ice creams. The selection comprises an array of traditional artisanal flavours that redefine the ice cream experience.

Delight in the Classics like Vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, and rose stand as the pillars of indulgence, each scoop a tribute to timeless taste or discover the luscious allure of tempting sorbets such as chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, and the intriguing rosé Roseblood sorbet.

Indulge in a Summer Delight: Ladurée x Burlington Ice Cream Haven

Enter the Realm of Plaisirs Glacés

The Ladurée x Burlington Summer Garden introduces a luxurious creation that marries handcrafted macaron shells with artisanal ice cream.


A streusel infused with rose, adorned with crushed blanched almonds, and filled with Ispahan ice cream and lychee-raspberry coulis.


A cocoa streusel adorned with cocoa grué, embracing Macaé 62% dark chocolate ice cream and Macaé caramel.

Indulge in a Summer Delight: Ladurée x Burlington Ice Cream Haven


A vegetable coal streusel graced with crushed pecan nuts, enfolding Madagascan bourbon vanilla ice cream and caramel.


Violet streusel adorned with crushed blanched almonds, cradling burgundy blackcurrant violet ice cream.

Elevate with Soft Serve Creations

Take your ice cream journey to new heights with Ladurée’s soft serve ice cream creations, each adorned with a selection of tantalising toppings.


Ice cream and raspberry rose coulis, crowned with fresh raspberries, lychees, and a rose macaron.

Indulge in a Summer Delight: Ladurée x Burlington Ice Cream Haven


Ice cream and Guanaja 70% chocolate, embellished with caramel sauce, caramelised hazelnuts, chocolate macaron, and Jivara 40% chocolate chips.


Ice cream and Menton lemon coulis graced with crushed roasted almonds, meringue, lemon zest, and a lemon macaron.

Embrace a Taste of Elegance and Nature

The Ladurée x Burlington Summer Garden is more than a mere ice cream destination; it’s a masterpiece that marries culinary excellence with the beauty of nature. Step into this enchanting haven at Burlington Arcade and allow yourself to be transported to a realm where pastel shades and intricate flavours dance in harmony.

From the delicate vintage ice cream cart to the carefully curated floral arrangements, every element has been meticulously woven together to create an unforgettable experience. Indulge in Ladurée’s timeless classics and innovative creations while basking in the garden’s serene ambience. This exclusive summer tale is a celebration of art, taste, and the ephemeral beauty of nature – an invitation to partake in an exquisite journey of the senses. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Ladurée x Burlington Summer Garden, a true testament to the artistry of both culinary craftsmanship and creative design.

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