London’s Royal Exchange Welcomes Engel & Jang

Launching in July 2024, at the iconic Royal Exchange in London, Engel and Jang promise to be an exciting addition to the city’s vibrant dining and entertainment scene.

The establishments, part of Des Gunewardena’s new D3 Collective, will be situated on the mezzanine level of this historic building, each offering distinct yet complementary experiences.

Engel: A Tribute to 1920s Berlin

Engel Bar, designed by Karen Taylor of Pattern Haus, will be a glamorous homage to the opulent and expressive era of 1920s Berlin. With its rich jewel-toned colour palette and luxurious textures, the space evokes the ambience of Berlin’s grand past.

The bar and performance space, known as Engel Live, will host live cabaret and jazz performances every Wednesday and Thursday evening, providing a captivating atmosphere for guests. The venue will also be available for private hire, offering a unique setting for exclusive events.

Innovative Cocktails Inspired by Berlin’s Rich History

Curated by renowned mixologist Mihai Burca, the cocktail menu at Engel will feature imaginative twists on vintage drinks, served in artistic glassware that enhances the overall experience.

London's Royal Exchange Welcomes Engel & Jang

One standout cocktail, “Skandal,” pays tribute to the infamous Anita Berber, known for her provocative performances in Berlin’s cabaret scene. This decadent drink combines silky Remy Martin 1738 and absinthe, with a cranberry and mint cloud bubbling from a glass depicting Berber’s signature red pout.

A Daytime and Evening Dining Experience

Engel will offer a daytime and evening café/bar menu, featuring Austrian and German favourites. The outdoor terrace, which extends from the portico of the Royal Exchange onto the pavement, will be a perfect spot to enjoy a smaller selection of premium hot dogs, German beer, wine, and champagne.

The signature hot dogs, including “Der Klassiker” and “Der Elegante,” promise to be crowd-pleasers with their authentic ingredients and gourmet toppings.

Jang: Modern Korean and Japanese Cuisine

On the South Mezzanine, Jang will provide an intimate dining experience celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Korea and Japan. The restaurant, designed with deep red and dark wood accents, will create an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

Head Chef Dana Choi, who brings experience from high-profile establishments such as Jinjuu in Mayfair and Seoul Bird, has crafted a menu that showcases her innovative approach to Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Unique and Creative Dishes

Jang’s menu will feature a range of unique and creative dishes, such as “Yuk Hwe,” a modern take on Korean steak tartare, and “K BBQ,” a refined Korean BBQ experience with dry-aged sirloin steak and an array of condiments.

London's Royal Exchange Welcomes Engel & Jang

Another highlight is the “Bossam Tower,” which includes Iberico pork belly cooked in a doenjang broth, served with oyster, endive kimchi, and ssamjang. The sushi and sashimi selection, presented on an ornate alligator-shaped platter, adds a touch of extravagance to the dining experience.

As a native of Korea with a deep appreciation for Japanese cuisine, Chef Dana Choi is excited to bring her vision to life at Jang. She states, “I aim to highlight the traditional flavours and practices of my nation, which are so underrepresented in London’s current restaurant scene. This menu blends the flavours of my Korean heritage with Japanese influences to create unique dishes but with authenticity still at their heart.”

A Diverse and Vibrant Venue

Engel and Jang aim to provide the City of London with a diverse and vibrant venue, combining modernised Korean and Japanese gastronomy at Jang with relaxed German and Austrian dining at Engel.

London's Royal Exchange Welcomes Engel & Jang

The event space at Engel Live, with its exciting programme of live cabaret music, and the outdoor terrace will offer guests a unique and enjoyable experience, whether they are looking for a lively night out or a leisurely meal in the London sunshine.

Engel and Jang will be open Monday to Friday, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner at The Mezzanine, First Floor, Royal Exchange, London EC3V 3LQ. With their unique offerings and captivating ambience, these new venues are set to become must-visit destinations for foodies and entertainment seekers alike in the heart of London.

Engel and Jang: A Celebration of Culture and Cuisine

In summary, Engel and Jang at the Royal Exchange will celebrate the fusion of culture and cuisine, offering guests a unique blend of European elegance and Asian flavours. With their carefully curated menus, stunning interiors, and vibrant entertainment offerings, these venues are set to become iconic destinations in London’s ever-evolving dining landscape.

The anticipation surrounding their opening in July 2024 is palpable, and for good reason – Engel and Jang promise to deliver an unparalleled experience in the heart of the city.

A New Era of Dining and Entertainment

As London continues to grow as a global culinary capital, the introduction of Engel and Jang adds a new dimension to the city’s diverse restaurant scene. By bringing together the best of German, Austrian, Korean, and Japanese traditions, these venues will offer something truly unique.

The combination of innovative cocktails, creative dishes, and captivating performances will ensure that Engel and Jang stand out as premier destinations for both locals and visitors to the city.

London's Royal Exchange Welcomes Engel & Jang

With the grand opening just around the corner, the excitement for Engel and Jang is building. The unique concept, exceptional design, and commitment to quality promise to make these venues a standout addition to London’s Royal Exchange. As the launch date approaches, anticipation is high for what will undoubtedly be one of the most talked-about openings of 2024.

Engel and Jang are set to redefine the dining and entertainment experience in the heart of London, offering a vibrant and diverse venue that celebrates the best of both European and Asian cultures.


The launch of Engel and Jang at the Royal Exchange marks an exciting new chapter in London’s culinary and entertainment scene. With their distinct concepts, luxurious interiors, and innovative menus, these venues are poised to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

Whether enjoying a sophisticated cocktail at Engel or savouring the creative dishes at Jang, visitors will be transported to a world of glamour and indulgence, reminiscent of the opulent 1920s Berlin and the rich culinary traditions of Korea and Japan.

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