Louis Vuitton Unveils Sunlight Essence in New Fragrance

The collaboration between Pharrell Williams and Jacques Cavallier Belletrud marks a new chapter for Louis Vuitton’s fragrance line.

With Williams making his debut in the fragrance industry, he has teamed up with Master Perfumer Belletrud to create a scent that encapsulates the warmth and vitality of the sun.

This fragrance, conceived for a global audience, aims to uplift and invigorate through its unique composition.

Crafted at Les Fontaines Parfumées

The fragrance was meticulously developed at Louis Vuitton’s creative atelier, Les Fontaines Parfumées, located in Grasse, France.

This site is renowned for its rich history in perfume-making and serves as the perfect backdrop for such an innovative project. The collaborative dialogue between Williams and Belletrud was instrumental in shaping the final product, which reflects the creative director’s philosophy.

Louis Vuitton Unveils Sunlight Essence in New Fragrance

Pharrell Williams’ approach to the fragrance is deeply philosophical. He views sunlight as a symbol of love, life, and motivation. This perspective is woven into the very fabric of the fragrance, echoing the question he posed upon joining Louis Vuitton: “What will you do when the sun shines on you?”

This central theme drives the narrative of the Eau de parfum, transforming the original idea into a tangible sensory experience.

Photosynthesis as Inspiration

The concept of photosynthesis served as a significant source of inspiration for the fragrance. As Belletrud explains, “The theme of sunlight that lit up Pharrell’s debut show on Pont Neuf in June 2023 inspired us to convey photosynthesis in scent. It may sound abstract, but if you look at life, photosynthesis is the starting point for everything.” This idea translates into a fragrance that captures the essence of sunlight’s impact on nature and life.

Belletrud’s expertise in olfactive alchemy is evident in his ability to transform the abstract notion of sunlight into a complex fragrance. By observing photosynthesis, he identified the natural notes that emanate from nature due to light’s vitalising power. These include the luxuriance of leaves, the nectar of freshly grown grass, and the earthy aroma of tree trunks warmed by the sun.

Revitalising Ancient Substances

The fragrance incorporates pure and ancient natural substances, revitalised for modern use. Galbanum, a mythical resin from the Ferula plant, plays a central role. Once wild and vegetal, it has been refined to create delicate green notes that form the sappy and spicy core of the bouquet.

Louis Vuitton Unveils Sunlight Essence in New Fragrance

This centuries-old scent is harmonised with cedarwood, extracted from second-hand carpentry wood, adding a deep woody sensibility to the fragrance.

The composition of the fragrance is a symphony of scents, each layer contributing to the overall experience. Sandalwood adds an earthy yet elegant tone, energised by the clean crispness of ginger.

The fruity, zesty top notes of bergamot gently introduce the galbanum, symbolising the early rays of sunrise. This careful blending of ingredients results in a fragrance that is both complex and harmonious.

Therapeutic and Cultural Significance

Each ingredient in the fragrance has roots in age-old cultural practices and is associated with notions of healing. Galbanum was used as a curative remedy in Ancient Greece, while cedarwood oil was employed in Ancient Egypt for preservation and to ward off evil spirits.

In Eastern medicine, sandalwood and ginger are key components known for their health benefits, and bergamot is celebrated for its ability to renew both mind and body.

The holistic air of the fragrance suggests it is more than just a scent; it is an elixir of well-being. This idea is encapsulated in the notion of the fragrance being a spray of sunlight distilled into a bottle.

The healing powers traditionally linked to the ingredients infuse the fragrance with a sense of wellness and renewal, making it a unique addition to Louis Vuitton’s collection.

The Flacon Design

The fragrance is housed in Louis Vuitton’s signature cylindrical silhouette, part of the Les Parfums collection. The glass structure, with its prismatic finish, reflects and refracts sunlight, creating a golden glow that evokes the bright effect of sunlight gilding the skin. This design is both visually striking and symbolic, enhancing the overall experience of the fragrance.

In addition to the fragrance, Louis Vuitton has introduced a travel case and a fragrance trunk, designed to hold three bottles. These accessories feature the green Damoflage motif, central to Pharrell Williams’ creative expression at Louis Vuitton. The pattern blends the Maison’s heritage Damier pattern with camouflage, a nod to the personal style of the Men’s Creative Director.

Louis Vuitton Unveils Sunlight Essence in New Fragrance

The creation of this fragrance was a cross-generational effort. Camille Cavallier Belletrud, a perfumer at Louis Vuitton and a member of the creative studio, played a significant role in the process. Trained under the mentorship of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Camille has been cultivating the DNA of the house for many years, contributing to the fragrance’s depth and authenticity.


Pharrell Williams and Jacques Cavallier Belletrud have succeeded in creating a fragrance that captures the essence of sunlight.

Through their innovative approach and deep understanding of olfactive alchemy, they have transformed an abstract concept into a tangible experience.

This fragrance is not just a scent but a symbol of life, love, and well-being, rooted in cultural significance and modern craftsmanship.

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