Guide To The 5 Best Luxury Destinations For Sport Enthusiasts

Your love of sports can take you beyond your local stadium to some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Combining your love of travelling and sports can result in extreme fun and excitement, especially if you’re willing to splurge.

So, if you’re going on a holiday soon, why don’t you choose a destination famous for hosting some of the world’s most prestigious sports events?

If you need suggestions on where to go, here’s our guide to the best luxury destinations for sports enthusiasts.

1. The Moto GP In Portugal

Guide To The 5 Best Luxury Destinations For Sport Enthusiasts

If you are into motorcycle racing, you should not miss the chance to witness the Moto GP in Portugal. As the premier class of motorcycle racing, the Moto GP is one of the most prestigious motorcycle road racing events in the world. This year, the Moto GP will take place in Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, a race circuit in Portimao, which belongs in the Algarve region of Portugal.

The Moto GP in Portugal kickstarts the European leg of the moto racing campaign, which started in Europe in 2006 and is only the third season opener in Europe in the past three decades. It will also be the first time that Portugal will host a race. There will be pre-season tests at Portimao in the weeks leading the event, which you may also be interested in witnessing.

When heading to Portugal for the Moto GP, you may want to combine your trip with a relaxing holiday at the beach. Portimao is a lovely port city home to some of the Algarve’s most beautiful beaches. One of the city’s most popular beaches is the Praia da Rocha.

Lounging at the beach is the best way to relax after watching the race. You can also enjoy various water sports, such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and surfing. And for a truly relaxing holiday, check yourself in at one of the most luxurious beachside resorts in Portimao.

2. Wimbledon In England

Guide To The 5 Best Luxury Destinations For Sport Enthusiasts

As the oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon is one of the most sought-after sporting events in the world. Whether you are a tennis fan or not, witnessing this prestigious event should be on your bucket list. England has been hosting the famous event since 1877. In fact, Wimbledon has become a British summer tradition, where spectators gorge on strawberries and cream as part of the tradition. 

If you’re an avid tennis fan, Wimbledon is your chance to witness your favourite tennis player in action, from Roger Federer to Djokovic and Nadal. What’s more, you are likely to see many famous personalities who are also big fans of the event, from Hollywood stars to even the members of royal families.

Aside from the excitement of watching the game, another reason for attending Wimbledon is being able to explore London, where the action takes place. England’s capital city is steeped in tradition and history, making it a fun place to explore. Oozing glamour and sophistication, London allows you to indulge in the lap of luxury, from dining at Michelin-starred restaurants to shopping at posh shopping destinations like Harrods.

3. The F1 In Saudi Arabia

Guide To The 5 Best Luxury Destinations For Sport Enthusiasts

If you’re an F1 fan, you should choose Saudi Arabia as your next holiday destination since this is where the Grand Prix will take place. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will see famous racers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen racing in the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. Jeddah is a beautiful ancient port and trading city by the Red Sea and the second-largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Make the most of the experience by booking your Grandstand ticket for the F1 event online, a great way to enjoy a sporting adventure. As one of the world’s most prestigious car racing events, it often gets sold out early, so better book your ticket as early as possible.

When attending the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, take advantage of the opportunity to explore Jeddah and discover what the city can offer. While it’s more famous for being the getaway for pilgrims to the holy city of Mecca, it also has its share of luxurious resorts and hotels, posh shopping malls, and more.

4. Baseball In The United States

Guide To The 5 Best Luxury Destinations For Sport Enthusiasts

The United States is the best place to watch baseball. After all, it’s where the game was established, particularly in Cincinnati, Ohio. Major League Baseball is the professional baseball organisation of the US, consisting of 30 teams divided equally between the American League and the National League. The games happen in one of the 30 stadiums scattered across the US, so it’s a good idea to research before flying to the United States.

One of the most popular venues for Major League Baseball is the Dodger Stadium, the home stadium of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s a huge stadium, but thanks to its stacked concourses, you will not be too far away from the field when watching the game. 

The other most popular stadiums to watch baseball games in the US are Wrigley Field in Chicago, PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Oracle Park in San Francisco, and Fenway Park, a historic stadium in Boston.

5. Football In Brazil

Guide To The 5 Best Luxury Destinations For Sport Enthusiasts

It’s no secret that Brazil is among the countries very passionate about football. It’s the country’s most popular sport and has become a prominent part of Brazil’s national identity. So, if you are a big football fan, Brazil might be an excellent destination for your next holiday. 

The biggest clubs of the Brazilian football league are Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. Several clubs from Rio have become national champions, including Vasco da Gama. When going to Brazil on a football tour, you should visit Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro. It’s one of the world’s biggest football stadiums and the home of two clubs, CR Flamengo and Fluminense.

While in Rio, you should also take the time to explore this magnificent city, famous for its beautiful beaches, carnivals, samba, and gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer, a 98-ft tall statue of Jesus Christ.

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