Luxury Redefined: Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa’s 2024 Offerings

In the quaint Cotswolds village of Malmesbury, nestled amidst serene landscapes, lies the exquisite retreat of Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa.

Stepping into 2024, this establishment unveils a host of captivating experiences, cementing its status as a premier destination for discerning travellers.

From pioneering sustainability initiatives to indulgent offerings for pets and humans alike, Whatley Manor promises a bespoke escape for every guest.

Leading the Charge: Whatley Manor’s Climate Positive Initiative

Embracing an ethos of environmental stewardship, Whatley Manor sets a new standard in luxury hospitality as the UK’s inaugural Climate Positive hotel and spa.

Luxury Redefined: Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa's 2024 Offerings

Through a dedicated five-year journey towards sustainability and decarbonisation, the property now goes beyond carbon neutrality, actively removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits.

Collaborating with esteemed partners like NOW and EarthCheck, Whatley Manor ensures transparency and accountability in its eco-conscious practices. By investing in projects like Cookstove Initiatives in Kenya and procuring certified carbon credits, the hotel paves the way for a greener future while prioritising community engagement and waste reduction.

This commitment to Climate Positivity marks a significant milestone in Whatley Manor’s ongoing pursuit of net-zero emissions.

Tail-Wagging Treats: Introducing the ‘Petflix and Chill’ Experience

Recognised as one of the Cotswolds‘ premier pet-friendly establishments, Whatley Manor extends a warm welcome to four-legged companions with its latest offering: the ‘Petflix and Chill’ package.

Designed to pamper furry friends, this indulgent experience invites guests to cosy up with their canine companions for a movie night like no other. Indulge in a selection of dog-friendly treats, including Marshfield Farm ice cream and Barking Bakery Pupcorn, while sipping on a refreshing bottle of Pawsecco.

With a curated library featuring beloved canine classics, such as ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ and ‘Marley & Me’, this bespoke experience ensures that both pets and their human counterparts enjoy a memorable evening of relaxation.

As an added bonus, dogs can stay for free until 31 March 2024, making it the perfect time to treat your furry friend to a luxurious getaway.

Radiant Revival: Sothys Illuminating Facial at Aquarias Spa

Elevating the spa experience to new heights, Whatley Manor proudly introduces the Sothys Illuminating Professional Facial Treatment at its esteemed Aquarias Spa.

Luxury Redefined: Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa's 2024 Offerings

Exclusive to only two hotels in the UK, this rejuvenating treatment harnesses the expertise of Parisian wellness brand Sothys to deliver unparalleled results. The six-step facial, priced at £150 for 1 hour and 15 minutes, targets dark spots while deeply hydrating the skin and refining its texture.

With the infusion of potent ingredients like white nettle extract, this transformative treatment promises to restore balance to the complexion, leaving guests with a luminous glow that radiates from within.

Culinary Collaboration: A Feast for the Senses at The Dining Room

Savour the artistry of world-class cuisine with Whatley Manor’s Chef Collaboration Series, set to tantalise taste buds throughout 2024.

Kicking off the gastronomic festivities is a tantalising four-hands dinner on 6 March, featuring the culinary prowess of Michelin Maestro Charles Coloumbeau alongside Executive Chef Ricki Weston (£145 per person, with optional wine flight from £95).

Subsequent highlights include a six-hands dinner on 13 March, where Executive Chef Ricki Weston joins forces with acclaimed Chefs Ollie Bridgwater and Douglas Balish to present a symphony of flavours (£165 per person, with £10 per cover donated to Hospitality Action).

Luxury Redefined: Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa's 2024 Offerings

From innovative creations to time-honoured classics, each collaboration promises an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the diversity of British cuisine.

Elevated Dining: Grey’s Restaurant Extends Opening Hours

Embark on a culinary journey at Grey’s, Whatley Manor’s Michelin-starred restaurant, now open seven days a week for dinner. Indulge in a menu of seasonal British dishes crafted by Executive Chef Ricki Weston, showcasing the finest local produce and culinary innovation.

Complementing this extended dining experience are refreshed menus at Grey’s and The Dining Room, offering guests a tantalising array of gourmet delights. Whether savouring a leisurely afternoon tea or relishing an exquisite dinner, Whatley Manor invites guests to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of refined elegance and culinary excellence, all week long.

In conclusion, Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of luxury hospitality.

With its pioneering Climate Positive initiative, bespoke experiences for both pets and humans and a culinary journey that celebrates the finest in British cuisine, Whatley Manor sets a new standard for sustainable luxury.

As guests immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the Cotswolds village of Malmesbury, they are invited to indulge in a world of rejuvenation, gastronomic delights, and unparalleled hospitality.

With a commitment to environmental stewardship and guest satisfaction at its core, Whatley Manor epitomises the epitome of a truly unforgettable getaway experience.

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