Magical Winter Escapade: Savoy Signature’s Festive Wonderland

In the heart of the picturesque Madeira, Savoy Signature’s collection of hotels stands as a beacon of exceptional service, architectural splendour, and world-class amenities.

As the holiday season approaches, this esteemed establishment undergoes a magical transformation, turning its elegant premises into a winter wonderland that captivates the senses and forges enduring memories.

Magical Winter Escapade: Savoy Signature's Festive Wonderland

A Winter Oasis in Funchal

Nestled in the city centre of Funchal, Savoy Signature’s hotels are strategically positioned within walking distance of vibrant local attractions and a mere 20-minute drive from Madeira’s international airport.

A swift 3-hour, 50-minute flight from the UK makes Madeira an enticing destination for winter sun seekers during the festive season. Anticipate year-round highs of 25 °C, bask in 8 hours of daily sunshine, and revel in pleasant water temperatures ranging from 24 °C to 19 °C in winter.

Magical Winter Escapade: Savoy Signature's Festive Wonderland

Savoy Signature’s hotels host a spectrum of events catering to diverse traveller preferences – solo adventurers, couples, and families alike. The culinary offerings are a highlight, featuring a sumptuous Christmas dinner with a Traditional Madeiran twist.

The menu showcases a delightful array of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes, served in the opulent setting of Savoy Palace’s Galaxia Skyfood or The Reserve’s Jacaranda restaurant.

Ring in the New Year with Mamma Mia Extravaganza

For those seeking a vibrant New Year’s celebration, Savoy Palace invites guests to join the Mamma Mia experiences on December 30th and 31st. Expect lively parties, sumptuous dinners, and the infectious tunes of ABBA and the iconic sounds of the 70s.

Magical Winter Escapade: Savoy Signature's Festive Wonderland

Dance your way into the new year at the Grand Ballroom, featuring a special performance by Dancing Queen. The festivities include drinks, a gala dinner, and a dress code calling for sophistication – dark suits or tuxedos, and elegant long dresses or evening gowns.

Madeira’s Unique New Year Tradition

Madeira Island stands apart with its unique tradition of commencing New Year’s Eve celebrations one night earlier than the rest of the world. The evening is marked by unparalleled joy, offering numerous reasons for Madeirans to revel in the festivities.

The celebrations extend to the 1st of January with Savoy Palace hosting a New Year Brunch at Orchidaceae Atelier restaurant, providing a delightful continuation of the festive spirit.

At NEXT, guests are treated to a whimsical New Year’s Eve inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Special guests, including the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the March Hare, and the White Rabbit, enhance the gala buffet dinner prepared by Savoy Signature chefs.

Magical Winter Escapade: Savoy Signature's Festive Wonderland

The Cloud Bar, featuring DJs Nelson Caires and international artist DJ Hotmood, adds a magical touch to the evening.

Festive Ambiance and Decor

Throughout the holiday season, Savoy Signature’s hotels are adorned with breathtaking Christmas decorations. Towering trees, twinkling lights, and elegant ornaments create an enchanting atmosphere, transporting guests into a holiday fairy tale.

Beyond the festive fervour, Madeira’s network of levadas and narrow irrigation channels serves as hiking trails. The cooler weather in November and December provides an ideal environment for outdoor activities, including hiking.

The Chestnut Festival in November celebrates the harvest with chestnut roasting, traditional music, and chestnut-based dishes. The calm waters during this period make it perfect for whale and dolphin watching, offering a unique opportunity to witness these marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Magical Winter Escapade: Savoy Signature's Festive Wonderland

With fewer crowds and more affordable flight prices compared to the peak summer season, Madeira becomes an ideal destination for experiencing the island’s charm and rich cultural offerings.

For those eager to partake in Savoy Signature’s festive events, lead-in prices for the holiday season start at £260 (NEXT) to £652 (Savoy Palace) per night per room. The array of events and activities begins at £56, with some activities complimentary to guests.

In conclusion, Savoy Signature’s winter offerings in Madeira promise an unforgettable blend of luxury, cultural exploration, and festive enchantment.

Whether it’s the lively New Year celebrations, gastronomic delights, or the island’s natural wonders, Savoy Signature ensures a winter experience that transcends expectations.

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