Mane Attraction: The Unexpected Journey into the World of Wigs

I’ve never thought I would be a wig enthusiast. Growing up, I never even knew that wigs were an option for everyday fashion. Wigs were for costumes, for actors on stage, for those suffering from medical conditions, right?

But life has a way of taking you by surprise, just like the unanticipated turns in a good book. Today, I stand (or rather, sit at my desk) as an unabashed champion of wigs. But why? What makes me choose wigs, even when my natural hair is perfectly fine? 

The answer is beautifully intricate and personal.

As a kid, I struggled with my thick, frizzy hair. No matter how hard I attempted to brush and style it, within an hour it would poof into a big, chaotic mess. I was self-conscious and embarrassed by my hair, longing for the smooth silky hair seen on magazine covers and TV. However, this was well before the current wig craze, and where I grew up, wearing a synthetic wig wasn’t all that prevalent.

Going through puberty just made things worse. My frizz exploded into an untamed mane that seemed to have a mind of its own. Trying to control my unruly hair everyday caused me to experience severe social anxiety. My wild hair wasn’t just a pain; it also made me feel undesired and unattractive.

Finally, during my first year of college, a friend introduced me to Braided Wigs. I was blown away by how real they looked and felt. I saw an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to leave my hair self-doubt behind. After that day, I commenced further exploration. I experimented with wigs of various lengths, textures, and colours.

I could be a platinum blonde today and a raven-haired beauty tomorrow. I could rock a pixie cut without worrying about regretting it later. Without harming my natural hair with heat styling or chemical treatments, I could have straight hair one day and curls the next. It was absolutely mind-boggling how versatile it was.

Putting that wig on for the first time was life changing. I can recall crying when I looked in the mirror. I experienced my first moment of beauty. My hair was beautiful, thick, and smooth. Embarrassment and social anxiety vanished, being replaced by assurance and joy.

When I first wore a  Small knotless braids wig. My new wig empowered me to put myself out there and make friends. I joined campus organizations and began my first relationships. I believe that wig provided me the confidence boost I required to emerge from my cocoon, looking back. I suddenly got all the vivacious social skills I had always wanted. And it’s all because my hair stopped restricting me.

Today, wigs are now an essential component of my self-care routine. I choose a new wig when I want to switch up my appearance. To cover up a terrible hair day? I put on a wig to instantly feel more confident. Attending a formal event? I picked out the ideal long-haired wig to go with my outfit. I feel as though I can choose any hairstyle at will to suit my mood because I have wigs at my disposal. I can try various styles from braids to cornrows to Knotless Braids Styles, you know what? The possibilities are endless.

Taking my wigs off at the end of the day and putting my frizzy hair up in a messy bun brings a sense of relief. It’s like taking off a superhero costume – letting my hair get from crazy to carefree. But I still rely on my wigs to step outside the home and feel fully put together and presentable.

Do people notice I wear wigs? Sure, some do. But I’ve learned to not care what others think – especially if their judgments stem from outdated beliefs. The fact that I enjoy wearing my wigs is all that matters. And if donning wigs makes me happier and more confident within, then the world will benefit from that. I found that wearing wigs gave me more confidence in other areas of my life. I began to take risks that I had never thought about before. I experimented with my style, took on challenging projects at work, and even started learning a new language. I felt like a more daring, more adventurous version of myself.

For those considering wigs, I say go for it! As women, we spend enough time worrying about our hair and appearance. Wigs provide us the freedom to put those concerns aside and choose happiness. Remember that wearing a wig is not a way to trick people or conceal your true identity. They focus on self-expression, empowerment, and most importantly, self-love.

So go find a wig (or ten!) that matches your style. Put it on and feel the freedom that comes from leaving your hair limitations behind. See the smile that unknown hair confidence brings to your face in the mirror. Your true self awaits underneath – it’s just been hiding, waiting for the right hair halo to shine through.

In the end, The lesson I’ve learned from my wigs is that changing who you are on the inside won’t provide you with confidence or happiness. It involves discovering ways to publicly show your ability to love and accept yourself for who you are. For me, those truth-tellers are my silky, glittering wigs that give me the ability to soar. What will give you wings? Find out, and your joy is sure to follow.

So, whether you’re considering trying on a wig for the first time or you’re a seasoned wig wearer, I hope you find the same joy and freedom that I have found in this wonderful world of wigs. After all, life is too short to have boring hair.