The Role Of Mass Gainer In Enhancing Exercise Performance

Mass gainer is a perfect addition to your workout routine, helping you to consume the correct nutrients and amount of calories to enhance muscle growth and improve your overall exercise performance. Many mass gainers also contain further nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbs that can be blended into a delicious shake, saving you valuable time when providing your body with the supplements it needs even on the go.

With several of the best mass gainer available to purchase online, we’re taking a closer look at their role in enhancing exercise performance.

The Role Of Mass Gainer In Enhancing Exercise Performance

Builds Muscle/Preserves Muscle Mass

One of the reasons why mass gainer is so popular is that it helps to build and restore muscle whilst you exercise, which is ideal for those who want to increase their weight or muscle size. This is largely because mass gainers combined with exercise encourage muscle protein synthesis or ‘MPS’ which can last between 4 to 5 hours. This is particularly true if you are participating in heavy resistance trainers, whereby your MPS rate can increase by 109% post-workout.

Super High In Calories

Sometimes it can be difficult to meet your daily calorie intake, which is where mass gainers can step in. This is particularly true if you have increased your calorie intake to meet your weight or fitness goals. Ensuring your intake is neither too low nor too high will help you to maintain a stable weight, balancing both your weight and energy which is key to maintaining good overall health. Depending on your chosen mass gainer, you could gain an extra 500-1,500 calories per serving.

The Role Of Mass Gainer In Enhancing Exercise Performance

Varieties Available

Mass gainers are often found in a number of varieties, meaning that you can find one that suits your schedule. Some prefer to take their mass gainer pre-workout, whilst others want a product that can be used as part of a meal replacement diet or in addition to their meals as a way to effectively enhance their calorie intake.

Top tip: If you’re looking for a mass gainer suitable to take prior to or after your workout, look out for one that contains less fat but more carbohydrates. This combination will ultimately drive the growth of your muscles, feeding them the creatine, amino acids and monohydrate needed to improve performance and increase muscle mass.

The Role Of Mass Gainer In Enhancing Exercise Performance

Should I Take Mass Gainer Every Day? When it comes to taking mass gainer, it really depends on your fitness goals. For example, if you want to build muscle and gain weight, taking mass gainer on a daily basis will benefit you reaching your target because it provides your body with the extra calories required to safely do so. At the same time, you can’t expect mass gainers to work in conflict with unhealthy foods. Due to the healthy combination of nutrients many mass gainers contain, you need to ensure you are continuing to correctly fuel your body for the best results.