Mind Palace: Have You Ever Heard Of This Phenomenon?

Why has Mind Palace started getting so much attention? How to master this memorization technique? Simple tips.

How Can Mind Palace Affect Your Ability To Remember?

A few years ago, mind palace was known only in narrow circles, but after the famous series Sherlock Holmes release, interest in this technique began to overgrow. So today we want to talk about what it is, where and how it can be used, and most importantly, how it can be mastered.

Mind Palace: Have You Ever Heard Of This Phenomenon?

What Is A Mind Palace?

It is a unique technique for memorization, which also has many other names – the loci method, memory palace, mind palaces, and others. It first appeared in antiquity, when thinkers needed to memorize large amounts of information to broadcast it to a large audience during performances.

At that time, there was yet to be paper, and alternative ways to make records were challenging to manufacture and heavy (for example, clay tablets). Later this method was lost, but then it was revived again.

Mind palace is based on a mnemonic device. Usually, you are asked to imagine a building you know well – your apartment or the house you grew up in, the office where you spend a lot of time.

To begin with, you should not imagine something big because it will be difficult for you to navigate here, but you can add various extensions in the future.

Is It Real Or Just Science Fiction?

After watching the famous series about Sherlock Holmes, many have decided that this is just fiction and there are no people with similar abilities in the world. Of course, some things in the series are embellished, but not all.

So, people who could master the mind palace knew how to manage their memory. They can determine what data should be sent to long-term memory and learn how to “clean up” their creation.

If you attend even one memorization competition, you will see that this method works and shows incredible results.

Who Uses Mind Palace Today, And How?

Mind palace is widely used by people who participate in memorization competitions. So, for example, this technique is actively used by the two-time memorization champion Jonas von Essen.

Through this, he memorized only 500 people in talent shows and performed other wonders of memory.

Mind palace can also be helpful for you if you do not plan to refrain from participating in such competitions. The fact is that a well-structured memory will allow you to be more successful in work or education.

So, for example, you will remember important work.

Mind Palace: Have You Ever Heard Of This Phenomenon?

How To Build A Mind Palace?

Practice shows that anyone can master this technique, even with an average memory. Do not think this is a quick process, but if you miss training and are confident that you will succeed, the result will be short.

To build a mind palace, you need to follow a few crucial steps:

  • Choose the building you will represent;
  • Select the information you want to remember;
  • Put this data in a closet;
  • Return to the building after some time and try to extract this information from the closet.

For starters, you should choose something simple, such as a phone number; in the future, you can complicate the information.


memoryOS is a mobile application created based on a technique developed by Jonas von Essen. Once upon a time, a memorization champion also had problems with memorization, but he set himself the goal of changing the situation.

He tried many techniques and, based on them, created his own, which allowed him to achieve excellent results, and now he is ready to share them.

Among the main advantages of memoryOS are:

  • Incredibly simple interface;
  • Simple but very effective workouts;
  • Orientation to the client;
  • 3D models;
  • Fast and well-noticeable result.

Before using the mobile application, the system will prompt you to complete a short test to determine your memory level before training.

After that, the application will offer you a personal training system, the main goal of which will be to improve your memory and imagination, which is extremely important when creating a mind palace.

If you train for only 15-20 minutes a day and don’t miss a day of training, you will see results in just a few weeks.

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