My Next 5 Watch Purchases (For Now)

The problem with being so involved in this hobby is that it is so difficult to narrow down what watch to add to the collection next… Being bombarded with so many watches that pull on your heartstrings makes it an ever-changing landscape. However, there have been 3 watches recently that have been cemented in my ‘next five serious purchases’ list, one which has recently shot to the top of the list, and one which I never thought I would ever own or want to own… So whether you give a monkeys or not, I thought it might be fun to tell you why these are the next 5 watches that I would like to add to my collection!

Tissot PRX

It is no secret that after this watch came out only a few days ago that I am a huge fan… if you are not aware of how much read my review and initial impressions here. There is no doubt that if I had the money right now id pre-order this in blue without giving it a second thought. This watch not only scratches the itch of a Vacheron Constantin 222 but it also presents unbelievable value… An amazingly well proportioned watch, with 80 hours of power reserve, a grand tapisserie dial (or deep blue gridded as it is being referred to as) all for less than £600… There is no other watch that gives that much value for £600, and this along with the fact that it looks gorgeous is the reason why it is firmly in my list.

Apple Watch

It is no secret that I have been pretty scathing of the Apple Watch ever since it got released. But recently something has changed. I do not know exactly what, and I would never wear one instead of a proper watch, but the Apple Watch now really appeals to me. It is worth noting that it now appeals to me more as an extension of my phone as opposed to anything else. Given I spend all of my weeks at a desk working or writing about watches, fitness is an important part of my day. Whilst I wake up with the intention of squeezing a run in before the workday starts it is easier said than done. I feel like the nagging feature of the Apple Watch would actually drive me to close those rings! Although I cannot lie it would take a bit of getting used to wearing a regular watch on my left watch and an Apple Watch on my right wrist… We will see whether I can actually go through with it.

My Next 5 Watch Purchases (For Now)

Oris Big Crown Pointer

This watch has always been ‘my next big watch purchase’ for years now. Ever since I got to get hands on with it at an Oris x Redbar event I have been smitten. Whilst I wish the light blue dial was available in the 36mm size, the 40mm wears very comfortably and frankly, the watch is so stunning I really don’t mind that much. Not only is it the particular shade of blue which I adore, it is also the unusual display of a date complication. I for one and very funny when it comes to the position of date windows. Even with a conventional 3 o’clock date there is such a fine line between executing it well and messing it up. Do not even get me started on 4:30 dates… But the pointer date function here is subtle and playful, and has no negative effect on the symmetry. This watch is drop dead gorgeous, and will remain firmly on my list until I can finally pull the trigger…

Cartier Santos Medium

In the same way that it is surprising that I have u-turned on the Apple Watch, this watch falls into a similar camp. Cartier is comfortably in my top 3 watch brands of all time, and whilst I have in the past always had an appreciation for their modern offering, my love for the brand has always been vintage. In particular, when it came to the Santos, it was vintage or no dice, until they released the updated Santos in medium… I actually first spotted it on the Instagram account @youreterrific1 who you seriously need to check out if you haven’t already. Ever since seeing the watch so beautifully photographed and gaining an appreciation for the proportions and especially the bracelet, it became an absolute favourite of mine. It will never detract away from my love of 30mm vintage gold Cartier, but I certainly have a newfound love for the modern Santos. If it wasn’t for the price point or the fact that it does not come on a matching rose gold bracelet id even be tempted by the rose gold model, but I won’t get too carried away…

Grand Seiko SBGA413

What can I say about Grand Seiko at this point that hasn’t or isn’t already being said? They are just phenomenal. We have been tooting their horn for many years now (not to say we are trendsetters by any means!) but we have always appreciated them for their quality and their ability to just get on with what they do and not feel the need to scream and shout about it. And their newfound popularity certainly does not change that, their watches just speak for themselves. They manage to distil the ethos and allure of Japan into their watches, no more so than with the season’s collection. Whilst this was sadly a US exclusive range, it does not mean that you cannot still pick them up. The absolute pick of the bunch for me has to be the ‘Summer’ Edition, modelled on the cherry blossoms that are in bloom at this time. The dial is just absolutely mesmeric, and with pink being my favourite colour it seems like a no brainer. Again like with the Oris, whilst these GS cases do not wear like a 40mm, I wish it was a millimetre or two smaller. Picking hairs really but there we go. This watch is drop-dead gorgeous, and if you are going to buy one Grand Seiko, it just has to be a spring drive. The mixture of home grown quartz with automatic which gives the most buttery smooth second-hand sweep is a thing of absolute beauty, coupled with a cloud-like lightness offered by the titanium case and this watch just gives me a tingly feeling… you will be mine one day.

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