The New Covet Lounge Private Club – A Design Lover’s Hideaway

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Design just seems to have a way of bringing people closer together and stirring up a wide range of conversations and even emotions that were perhaps previously never tapped into. But what can you do when you aren’t around others that share your passions in life? Well, you could go it solo, or you could seek out like-minded individuals and share your love and gain inspiration from them instead. This is where the concept of the Covet Lounge Private Club by Covet House came in and has been realized.


Nestled quietly just on the outskirts of Porto City, the Covet Lounge Private Club is a deluxe private venue which was designed specifically for design enthusiasts and lovers to relax, indulge and create. The club itself is still in its very early infant stages as it was only opened in early 2018. Already however, it is making waves and has established an international reputation for all the right reasons. The space and its nooks, areas and esthetics have been created by design lovers, for design lovers.

Covet Lounge Private Club
Covet Lounge Private Club

The Covet Lounge Private Club itself provides a relaxed, warming, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to design lovers, who can not only socialize with one another, swap ideas and stories and perhaps even gain a few business contacts along the way, but can also sit back and revel in the stunning high-end design creations scattered throughout this premier space. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also delicious cuisine on offer, as well as fantastic Portuguese wine and vintage ports.

Covet Lounge Private Club
Covet Lounge Private Club

The upscale luxury lounge features low black ceilings, mood lighting, velvet curtains and other eye-catching features. Then of course, there is the bohemian club’s interior palette with gold, greens, and red to really create the feeling of luxury and decadence. Here guests can sit back and relax in comfortable chairs and sofas, whilst gently sipping on a delicious cocktail and taking in the ambient sounds of smooth and contemporary jazz in the background. It is opulent, decadent, luxurious, intimate and exclusive all rolled into one. The food is of the finest quality, as is the service on offer. No request is too much trouble for the friendly and highly competent staff.

The Portuguese design scene is growing by the day and the Covet Lounge Private Club is prime evidence of this. Guests can not only marvel at their surroundings, they also have the opportunity to meet other keen designs, get tips and tricks of the trade, and make some lasting connections in the process. One thing that is for certain, the new Covet Lounge Private Club truly is a design lover’s hideaway and haven.

The Covet Club
Covet Lounge Private Club

Images courtesy of Covet House

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