New Home for Bugatti: Iconic Monaco

Bugatti, the legendary French luxury car manufacturer, has recently opened its doors to a new showroom in Monaco.

The showroom is situated in an iconic location that holds a special place in the annals of Bugatti’s history – on the road that transforms into part of the Formula One Grand Prix racetrack once a year in Spring.

The brand’s new Monégasque home, situated in the heart of one of the world’s most recognizable roads, provides a unique setting that intertwines the Bugatti brand with the timeless beauty and history of Monaco, reviving a glorious historic past that inextricably linked Bugatti and Monaco forever.

New Home for Bugatti: Iconic Monaco

Bugatti’s Historic Connection with Monaco

Monaco has always been an integral part of Bugatti’s history, with the brand’s racing legacy closely tied to the iconic location. In fact, it was a Bugatti – the Type 35B driven by William Charles Frederick Grover – that won the very first Circuit de Monaco Grand Prix in 1929.

Bugatti’s legendary racing driver, Louis Chiron – who gave his name to the brand’s hyper sports car – was born in Monaco in 1899 and took first place at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1931.

The new showroom, located on the Formula One Grand Prix racetrack in the famous La Rascasse corner near the celebrated Louis Chiron virage, pays homage to this rich legacy.

Selected guests were invited to celebrate the brand’s flagship grand opening. They first discovered the new showroom where Bugatti’s ultimate roadster, the W16 Mistral, took centre stage for its first appearance on the French Riviera.

New Home for Bugatti: Iconic Monaco

Bugatti guests were then invited to visit the renowned Cars Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco located only 100 meters away from the venue.

There, they had the opportunity to receive a personalized guided tour by the Director of the Collection, Valérie Closier, and to appreciate the finer details of a selection of Bugatti’s most exclusive cars, including the one and only La Voiture Noire, one of the ten Centodieci, a rare Divo, and a very special Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix“.

These Bugatti creations, along with the W16 Mistral, will be exhibited until May 2nd, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate them together.

Bugatti’s Unparalleled Prestige and Timeless Luxury

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Bugatti Automobiles, said: “Bugatti is a natural fit for the Principality of Monaco, delivering the unparalleled prestige, excellence and timeless luxury that the clientele of this region expects. We are delighted to open our new home in Monaco; these are the very streets that Bugatti made history on long ago, and we couldn’t imagine a better place to pay homage to our extraordinary heritage and connection to Monaco.”

New Home for Bugatti: Iconic Monaco

Partnering with Segond Automobiles Group

The Bugatti Monaco showroom has been created in partnership with Segond Automobiles Group, which has been operating from the Principality of Monaco for over 35 years and established an incomparable customer service reputation.

Stéphane Colmart, Managing Director of Segond Automobiles Group, added: “The Bugatti Monaco showroom is in one of the most desirable European venues and is situated in one of the most iconic areas of the city. It is the ideal location from which to welcome customers into the world of Bugatti, a brand renowned for its racing successes and its world-leading craftsmanship. We are immeasurably proud to be part of the Bugatti network, with both the showroom and the after-sales center, and are really excited to welcome guests to offer them the ultimate in design, convenience and luxury.”