One&Only Launches Second Greek Paradise: One&Only Kéa Island

Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, One&Only has just launched its latest property, One&Only Kéa Island Resort.

On the untouched island of Kéa, just 45 minutes from Athens by speedboat, this private resort offers a true Mediterranean experience in paradise.

Following the resounding success of One&Only Aesthesis, Athens, which debuted in 2023, the brand continues its Greek odyssey with the opening of this exquisite haven.

A Tranquil Haven in the Cyclades

One&Only Kéa Island Resort and Private Homes occupy a picturesque 65-hectare expanse along the ruggedly picturesque west coast of Kéa. Representing the epitome of luxury, the resort comprises contemporary cliffside villas, each boasting its own private infinity pool overlooking the azure expanse of the Aegean.

One&Only Launches Second Greek Paradise: One&Only Kéa Island

Guests are immersed in the island’s rhythms, with opportunities to enjoy elevated Greek cuisine, holistic wellness, and curated adventures that showcase the Cyclades’ natural, nautical and cultural charm.

Philippe Zuber, Chief Executive Officer of Kerzner International, affirms, “Every One&Only resort is one of a kind, celebrating its exceptional location and honouring the natural landscape and local community.”

Architectural Wonders Inspired by Tradition

Renowned architect John Heah has masterfully crafted the resort’s 63 villas and Private Homes to pay homage to Kéa’s rich architectural heritage. Utilising locally sourced materials such as hand-cut stone and Greek marble, Heah seamlessly integrates Cycladic elements into the design, including lofty atriums, whitewashed walls, pergolas, and rounded archways.

Perched majestically on the cliffside, the main arrival building and villa cluster evoke a charming village ambience while ensuring ample space and privacy. Whether opting for one or two bedrooms, guests luxuriate in expansive indoor-outdoor living spaces designed for al fresco living.

One&Only Launches Second Greek Paradise: One&Only Kéa Island

In a first for Greece, One&Only introduces a select collection of Private Homes available for purchase. Nestled on the opposite shore of Vroskopos Bay, these residences range from one-bedroom to six-bedroom villas, boasting infinity-edge pools, spacious entertainment areas, native gardens, and sweeping sea vistas.

A Gastronomic Odyssey

One&Only Kéa Island pays homage to the island’s culinary treasures, collaborating with local artisans, farmers, and fishermen to showcase the best of land and sea. The resort’s dining establishments offer a tantalising array of seasonal delights, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an authentic Mediterranean gastronomic journey.

At the heart of the resort lies Atria, a vibrant restaurant serving refined Greek cuisine and family-style dishes crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Kosmos Lounge transitions seamlessly from daytime refreshments to evening cocktails, set against a backdrop of panoramic sea views.

Immersive Experiences and Vibrant Entertainment

With several venues to choose from, including the Kaiki pool bar and Èpicora wine bar, guests can enjoy bites and creative cocktails by the Aegean Sea. For a secret meeting, the Incognito speakeasy bar is the place to indulge in rare spirits and craft cocktails.

Bond Beach Club is the Cyclades’ ultimate beach destination, where Greek summer is defined by barefoot luxury, delicious food, expertly mixed cocktails and lively entertainment. From lazy afternoons on the sand to evening parties, the club is the epitome of island indulgence.

Cultural Insights and Private Adventures

Delving into the island’s rich tapestry, One&Only Kéa Island offers tailored experiences that showcase the best of land and sea. Diving enthusiasts can explore Kéa’s underwater wonders, including four historic wrecks lying just offshore, while sailing aficionados can embark on bespoke voyages to hidden beaches and neighbouring islands.

The resort’s resident archaeologist leads guests on fascinating excursions to excavation sites within the resort grounds, offering insights into Kéa’s storied past. Guided tours to ancient ruins, seaside villages, and the hillside town of Ioulida provide further glimpses into the island’s culture and traditions.

Holistic Wellness and Recreation

Embracing the island’s serene ambience, One&Only Spa emerges as a sanctuary for holistic wellbeing, offering bespoke treatments inspired by the elemental energy of Kéa. From Ayurvedic rituals to indigenous botanical therapies, the spa invites guests to embark on transformative journeys aligned with earth and sea.

One&Only Launches Second Greek Paradise: One&Only Kéa Island

Complementing the spa is Club One, a state-of-the-art fitness centre catering to wellness enthusiasts of all ages, while the KidsOnly Club captivates young travellers with a range of engaging activities steeped in the island’s legendary lore.


With One&Only Kéa Island, the essence of Greek hospitality meets unparalleled luxury, offering discerning travellers an unrivalled sanctuary in the heart of the Cyclades.

From its architectural splendour to its culinary delights and bespoke experiences, the resort promises a journey of discovery and rejuvenation amidst the timeless beauty of the Aegean.

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