PBRX Clothing – Senior Fashion’s New Kid On The Block

China’s PBRX clothing brand introduces a luxury fashion brand aimed at providing fashionable, yet functional, senior fashion.

It is no secret that our society has become completely youth-obsessed. At first, it was just the obsession to look younger. But as time has progressed the focus has shifted to the younger market. It is fascinating to see how even couture brands are focussed on what millennials would like when the market who can, mostly, actually afford the items are 50 years of age or older.

But let’s go even deeper than that. The United Nations predicts that by 2100, the global population will grow to 11.2 billion. That is a tremendous growth from the current 7.7 billion.

This significant increase won’t come from another baby boom. On the contrary, due to the improved life expectancy, the largest part of this large new populous will mostly consist of “the elderly”.

China is possibly the country which is feeling the impact of having a larger older population the most. This has been met with the spectacular evolution in many areas in the country which includes the economy, technology and most importantly consumer behaviour and needs. Due to this new growth and influence, the Chinese senior population is becoming more vocal in their desire to not be left out.

In 2016 the General Office of the State Council in China launched its compromise towards providing more qualified offers and services to its growing senior population. The “Happiness Industry”, as it’s known, has grown to become the fourth industry in China.

Quite some time before this, back in 2008, the PBRX Group started its multi-functional eldercare business. This Chinese company has developed an integrated CRM which has helped them to identify the main needs of those aged over 50 in the field of healthcare.

Following this, the group branched out to bridge the gap between health and lifestyle. The Peng Bo Rui Xiang Group accomplished this when they launched a tourism division. This in itself is a massive market with 17,3% of the Chinese population being aged 65 years and older. That’s around 240 million people!

An accurate analysis of this new data helped PBRX to better understand the senior market and its evolution. So, needless to say, such an understanding of this generally untapped market has allowed the group to expand its business model into other sectors.

Their latest endeavour? They have found the importance of fashion to the elderly. Combining this with the senior’s concept of style, they came up with something rather unique. Setting aside trends, the fashion industry desperately needs to make an effort of inclusivity towards seniors. Not just because they are a large, and growing, group but because there is a lot of disposable income in this bracket.

Now, the PBRX Group wants to lead the beginning of a new conversation between fashion and seniors. So, adding to their already impressive array of services, the company has decided to develop a fashion brand, firmly focusing on the demand of its senior target market.

So, in 2018, the Group started its fashion endeavour with the aim to make more and more elderly people rediscover themselves and perhaps gain a fresh lease on life.

With such a concept, the style had to be elegant but also, perhaps most importantly, functional. A comfortable and sophisticated piece for every occasion. And, of course, offering the best quality. As a result, the concept of PBRX Clothing was born with a philosophy which cares about design, fabrics and craftsmanship with an international vision and flair.

Following much market research, the brand finally saw its first collection launched in 2019. The launch took place at the epicentre of the fashion industry: the heart of Paris at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines. Here PBRX presented its senior fashion concept to the world on March 22. PBRX offers a comfortable, practical and functional collection that combined youthfulness with a historical touch

Leaving behind dark colours and the ode to uniforms, PBRX clothing enables the elderly to rediscover the beauty and power of colours. The collection sees bold coats, jackets and long skirts in beautiful Valentino red set the tone. Green, camel and some prints were also evident throughout the collection. Accessories played a large role and were incorporated in the form of millinery, pearls, gold bracelets, cat-eye frames, long gloves in latex and knee-high, colourful boots.

To underline the brand’s universal approach, the show saw senior models from all around the world take to the runway.

It is safe to say that the future is senior and PBRX Clothing expects to open 100 franchises by 2020. This massive expansion also includes a boutique in Paris. The expansion not only crosses age borders but the brand is currently also working on a men’s collection.

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