Potential Ways of Improving Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a tricky thing. Those who have it might not even know how they have come to it in the first place, and those who don’t might not know where to begin gaining it – feeling as though it’s something that can do an enormous amount of good to their livelihoods. They might not be wrong, but where do they get started?

Even the answer to that is something that might vary from person to person, which can make your steps in getting to a positive point here even more difficult. However, having options and suggestions is a good place to begin, as you can start to understand what feels right for you.

Be Kind to Yourself

Potential Ways of Improving Your Self-Confidence

Sometimes, how often you put yourself down in your own head isn’t even something that you notice. After all, why would you? You spend all of your time within your own head, and no other perspective is ever offered to you. However, simply practising the art of self-love might be something that begins to make a difference in how you view yourself – thereby changing how you feel compelled to act in public or social situations. Even if you go through the act of learning how to do this and then begin to apply it regularly, and it doesn’t increase your perception of your self-confidence, it’s still something that’s well worth doing and can have other benefits on your mental health.

This might also mean that you simply eat healthier and exercise more too, which can improve your self-image while being actions that are kind to yourself of how healthy they are.

Take Control of Your Look

Maybe your physical image might have something to do with your self-confidence. While you shouldn’t get too wrapped up in elements of your appearance that you can’t change, and comparing yourself to others can lead to a lot of negativity, understanding the power that you have over your own appearance might be important too. It can be tempting to fall into a cycle of only wearing or accessorizing in a way that is consistent with the trends of the time or your group. However, if you feel as though your style lies elsewhere, you shouldn’t be afraid to chase that, as you might be more comfortable in clothes you like.

To go further, this might go beyond simply what you wear, and to explore your options fully, options such as medspa Chicago might be of interest to you. The spa aspect of this could also provide you with some time to relax and disconnect from your anxieties that might be inhibiting you.

Positive Support Network

Potential Ways of Improving Your Self-Confidence

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a strong, consistent and plentiful friend group. However, that’s not what is necessarily meant by a positive support network. Of course, that could serve as one if you are lucky enough to have one of those available, but it could also just mean having one or two people you’re close to and with whom you feel comfortable in their presence. It’s also just as important as talking about how you feel and your problems and getting some feedback on that and support. This isn’t a one-way street, either. It’s something that you provide for them in turn, which is why it works in the first place.

Being Assertive

Something that you might hear quite often in regards to how you can improve your self-confidence might relate to being more assertive. This could feel like a paradox to you. How are you supposed to be more assertive if you don’t have the confidence to do so? Well, the problem might have something to do with your perception of what being assertive actually means. It doesn’t mean absolutely taking control of any given situation, it simply means knowing when to say no, and when it’s okay, to be honest, and put yourself first. Whether it is cutting bad influences out of your life, getting your dream job or simply being unapologetically yourself, this is something very important to work on. It can be difficult when you’re just getting started, and it’s tempting to simply reply to what people ask of you immediately. Taking some time to process it, as well as what you’re feeling yourself, can help you to respond with an answer that feels true to you and the situation.

Obviously, this might be something that takes practice. Still, you might find that the sense of control that it helps to provide you with during any given situation works towards helping you to be more assertive the next time as well, encouraging you to improve each time.

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