The Tragic Story of Prince Alexander John Of Wales

Prince Alexander John of Wales, the youngest son and sixth child of Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and Princess Alexandra, Princess of Wales, was born on 6 April 1871 at Sandringham House.

Sadly, due to his premature birth, he was a sickly baby and died just twenty-four hours later.

A Brief Life Cut Short

Although Alexander John was Christened Alexander John Charles Albert before he passed away, his family referred to him as John.

He was buried below the wall of Sandringham Church (the Church of St Mary Magdalene), Norfolk.

John’s short life was not the only tragedy to befall the British Royal Family. The name John, in particular, was believed to bring bad luck to any bearer of the name.

In fact, his nephew, Prince John, the youngest son of George V, was also buried at Sandringham, beside Prince Alexander John Of Wales.

Furthermore, John Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, who died within ten hours of his birth on 12 January 1960, was also buried there.

The Tragic Story of Prince Alexander John Of Wales
St Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham
Image: Wikimedia

Victoria and Albert’s Grandchildren

Victoria, who ruled the British Empire from 1837 to 1901, and her husband Prince Albert had a total of 9 children, 42 grandchildren, and 87 great-grandchildren. Among their grandchildren were 20 grandsons and 22 granddaughters.

However, two of them, the youngest sons of Prince Alfred and Princess Helena, were stillborn, and two more, Prince Alexander John of Wales and Prince Harald of Schleswig-Holstein, died shortly after birth.

Their first grandchild was Wilhelm II, the future German Emperor, who was born to their eldest child, Princess Victoria, on 27 January 1859. The last grandchild born to Victoria and Albert was Princess Beatrice‘s son, Prince Maurice of Battenberg, who was born on 3 October 1891.

Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, was the last of Victoria and Albert‘s grandchildren to die, almost exactly 80 years after Queen Victoria herself, on 3 January 1981.

The Tragic Story of Prince Alexander John Of Wales
Queen Victoria with her nine children, six of their spouses, and 23 grandchildren.
Image: Wikimedia


The story of Prince Alexander John of Wales is a heartbreaking reminder of how fragile life can be, even for royalty.

It also sheds light on the superstitions and traditions that have been passed down through the generations of the British Royal Family.

Despite the tragedies that have befallen them, the monarchy endures, and their legacy continues to fascinate people around the world.