Prince Philip’s Sister Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark

We take a closer look at the life and times of Prince Philip’s sister, Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark.

The British Royal Family are generally viewed very positively and have literally millions upon millions of fans from all over the globe.

If you trace back, you will find that the lineage the British monarchy is intertwined with many other monarchies from across Europe. Moreover, you’ll find out about some truly remarkable individuals, including the one we’re going to be looking at in more detail today.

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark was the youngest and fourth daughter of Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece and Princess Alice of Battenburg and was a truly remarkable woman.

Here’s a brief look at the life and times of Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark.

Prince Philip's Sister Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark

Growing up

Sophie was born on the 26th of June, 1914.

Princess Sophie’s father was one of four sons of King George I of Greece and Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia.

Princess Sophie was the closest sibling in age to the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, who is the consort of Elizabeth II.

Back in 1913, her own grandfather, King George I was assassinated and as a result, in the year 1917 before the end of WWI, most of the Greek royal family were forced into exile when her uncle King Constantine I of Greece was deposed in favour of King Alexander I of Greece, his younger son.

As a result of being in exile, Sophie grew up in foreign countries and never really settled. They would reside in hotels a lot and stay with relatives in France, Germany, and England.

As a result of the stress, her mother Alice became mentally unwell and was committed to a number of mental asylums known as Sanitariums, in Germany by her own mother, Sophie’s grandmother.

She was released and travelled to Europe, not speaking to her children until one of her daughter’s (Sophie’s sister) Princess Cecille of Greece and Denmark was killed in a plane crash in 1937. This brought her back in contact with her children and afterwards, she dedicated her life to charity in Athens.


Sophie’s first marriage was to her second cousin-once-removed Prince Christoph of Hesse.

They were wed on December 30th, 1930. Sophie was 16 at the time, and despite being the youngest of 4 sisters, she was the first to wed.

Prince Philip's Sister Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark

They had five children together, though the marriage didn’t last.

Sophie would then wed Prince George William of Hanover, who was also her second cousin, in 1946. Together, they would have three children.

Final years

Those who are familiar with the British royal family, will no doubt be familiar with Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip's Sister Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark
Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark and her brother Prince Philip.

As Philip was her brother, Sophie would frequently visit him and Queen Elizabeth II right up until her death on the 24th of November, 2001.

In fact, she was the god mother to their son, Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.

She would often be spotted at public events and gatherings with the royal family, including the annual Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Sophie was survived by her husband, her younger brother, and seven of her 8 children.