Queen Elizabeth’s Last Corgi Dies

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Over the years, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has become as synonymous with Corgis as she is with crown jewels. It is as easy to imagine the Queen sitting regally in a golden coach as it is to imagine her with her trusted dogs running beside the monarch. The recent death of Her Majesty’s last corgi, Willow, has therefore marked the end of an era.


In recent years the Queen has announced that she will no longer be breeding corgis as she does not want to leave them behind when she passes on. The last of her iconic pooches died at the ripe age of 14 following a cancer-related illness. It has also been reported by the Daily Mail that the Queen was. Understandably, ‘hit exceptionally hard’ by the death of her beloved pet.

Although the royal corgis have become as iconic and an image that is now thought of as British as a cup of tea, the late Willow might be one of the most famous and beloved. In his golden years, the loyal pet even became a TV star, starring alongside Daniel Craig in the infamous 2012 London Olympics James Bond sketch.

Queen Elizabteh's corgi

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s love affair with the breed stated very early in her life when her parents gave her, Susan, her first corgi on her 18th birthday. She soon started breeding with Honey and Sugar being her first set of puppies four years later. Since then her Majesty has owned over 30 corgis, all of whom have been direct descendants of Susan.

Although the last of the Queen’s loved (and sometimes hated due to their love of chasing footmen and guests) has died she is not without any dogs. Her Majesty still has Vulcan and Candy who are two dorgis. This breed is the result of crossbreeding corgis with dachshunds.

corgi dies
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