Raffles & Fairmont Doha Officially Open

The highly-anticipated Raffles Doha and luxury Fairmont Doha hotels are now open to the public, marking a new standard for luxury in the region.

Both hotels are located in the iconic Katara Towers in Lusail and have already played host to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ guests and VIP delegations during their pre-launch.

Now, the hotels are open for guests to experience the ultimate luxury.

In-Suite Luxury: Raffles Doha

Raffles Doha offers a truly unique experience with their ‘in-suite scent library’. Guests can choose from a selection of scents to be diffused across their suite during their stay, in partnership with French perfume house Compoz.

This makes Raffles the first hotel in the world to offer this luxury experience for the senses.

The Blue Cigar Lounge is another exclusive experience at Raffles Doha.

It houses a secret library where guests can read some of the most prized classics, including a rare two-volume copy of The Iliad and The Odyssey in Greek and Latin from 1707.

Raffles is also home to Alba by Enrico Crippa, a three-star Michelin chef, which is the first international opening of a Crippa restaurant.

Luxurious Spa Experience: Raffles Doha

The wellness experience at Raffles Doha is focused on providing an ultra-luxury spa experience.

The individual beauty, fitness and hydro suites are designed and equipped like elegant mini-spas within the larger spa.

The Raffles spa covers 2,100 sqm and includes 9 suites – one Fitness Suite, three Spa Suites and five Experience Suites.

The Spa Suites are connected to either a fitness or beauty studio and are designed for two guests to undergo treatments in the privacy of the suite.

Spa Experience Suites incorporate a sauna, hammam, outdoor pool and relaxation space along with a treatment space for two.

These suites can be reserved entirely for a family to exclusively enjoy all hydrothermal facilities.

Raffles Doha spa works in partnership with some of the most respected names in scientific skincare and advanced beauty – Dr Burgener, Subtle Energies, and marocMaroc – to produce immediate and long-lasting results.

For example, The Dr Burgener Haute Couture treatment addresses personalised skincare and analysis for heavy metals and trace elements.

Well-being programmes can last between four hours to six days, addressing anti-ageing and regeneration, detox and immunity-building as well as slimming and contouring needs.

Luxury Inspired by Mega Yachts: Fairmont Doha

The luxurious five-star Fairmont Doha contains 270 rooms, 92 suites, four themed suites and one presidential suite, all inspired by the interiors of luxury mega yachts.

The rooms present an outstanding visual spectacle with gold mosaic wall tiling and rounded and curved walls.

Fairmont Doha is focused on fitness, recovery from sports injuries, physiotherapy and nutrition with the help of international well-being gurus.

It is the largest gym in Qatar and is home to the country’s biggest indoor climbing wall and multiple spinning studios.

Raffles & Fairmont Doha Officially Open

Grandeur at Every Turn: Fairmont Doha

Fairmont Doha sets itself apart from its global peers with its grandeur.

The centrepiece of the lobby is a 56.5m high crystal chandelier – the world’s tallest – weighing over half a tonne and complete with 4,807 bulbs and glass parts. It is truly a sight to behold.

Personalized Coaching and Fitness Classes: Fairmont Doha

Fairmont Doha offers guests clinical well-being programmes with the ability to diagnose and assess for a highly developed programme to improve sports performance, prevent injury, enable rest and recovery and deliver personalized nutrition.

In addition, Fairmont Doha offers guests one-on-one personal coaching with master athletes, including co-founder of PILLAR Wellbeing Harry Jameson.

PILLAR provides the highest quality one-to-one training for guests covering all disciplines within fitness, sports, and conditioning, as well as offering complimentary fitness classes such as yoga, boxing, and Pilates.

Raffles & Fairmont Doha Officially Open

Conclusion: The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Raffles & Fairmont Doha have set a new standard for luxury in the region. From the ‘in-suite scent library’ at Raffles Doha to the grandeur of the Fairmont Doha lobby, these hotels offer a truly unforgettable experience.

The spas at Raffles Doha are designed to provide an ultra-luxury experience, while Fairmont Doha’s fitness offerings are second to none.

With personalized coaching, a wide range of fitness classes, and access to some of the most respected names in well-being, guests can expect the ultimate luxury experience at Raffles & Fairmont Doha.

In conclusion, the long-anticipated opening of Raffles & Fairmont Doha has redefined luxury in the region.

From their unique and exclusive experiences to their focus on wellness and fitness, these hotels are the ultimate in luxury.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, a stay at Raffles & Fairmont Doha is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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