Rare Gemstones – Rarer Than Diamonds

If you’re on the hunt for rare and attractive gemstones but aren’t sure where to look or what to look for, here’s a look at several rare gemstones rarer than diamonds.

Diamonds, despite grabbing a lot of the headlines, are not the be-all and end-all of the gemstone world. In fact, there are plenty of rare gemstones out there which are rarer than diamond, and some would argue, prettier as well.

Gemstones bring joy to people in a variety of ways. They can be worn as jewelry, they can be used as accessories, they can be gifts for loved ones, they can be used to mark celebrations and festivals, and a whole lot more on top of that.

If you’re on the hunt for rare and attractive gemstones but aren’t sure where to look or what to look for, here’s a look at several rare gemstones rarer than diamonds.

Burma Ruby

Rare Gemstones - Rarer Than Diamond

Burma Ruby gets its name because it comes from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Whereas all rubies are rare, the Burma ruby is particularly rare as it set the standard for colour and quality in the ruby world.

A lot of rubies are mined in Thailand, and because the conditions there are naturally rich in iron, this can result in the reds looking very dark and almost resembling a brown colour. The conditions in Myanmar however, are perfect because the rubies contain little trace iron. The end result is a ruby in a vivid and vibrant red colour.

Burma rubies work exceptionally well with silver, which is why a lot of Burma Ruby rings are silver rather than gold.


Rare Gemstones - Rarer Than Diamond

Up next have Tanzanite.

When people think of rare blue rubies, they think of sapphire. While sapphire is indeed a very attractive blue gem, it isn’t the only blue gemstone on the block.

With brilliant blue hues and hints of violet, tanzanite more than holds its own against sapphire and is actually a great deal more affordable. Remember, just because a gemstone is rare, that doesn’t necessarily make it expensive.

Found only in a small part of Tanzania, this gem was discovered back in 1967 and quickly became very popular thanks to a marketing effort by Tiffany & Co.


Rare Gemstones - Rarer Than Diamond

Ammolite is a very new gemstone on the scene, as it was only discovered four decades ago, back in 1981.

Made from the aragonite shells of molluscs which are over 65 million years old, they display vibrant and shimmering colours in a whole variety of colours. This is what makes this gem so special, in that each specimen is unique because it can display any colour of the rainbow or any combination of colours of the rainbow.

Needless to say, the value for the gemstones increases when you encounter rare colours or combinations of colours. Interestingly, the value increases still, depending on how far the stone can be rotated with these colours still visible.

Natural pearls

Rare Gemstones - Rarer Than Diamond

Natural pearls in the ocean are now incredibly rare. In fact, you are more likely to find a natural pearl in an antique jewellery store than you are in the ocean.

Because of overfishing, pollution, and acidification of the oceans, natural pearls are very rare in the ocean, which is why they’re so valuable.

A good way to tell a natural pearl is to look for imperfections. Cheap and inferior pearls will be brilliant white and will be perfectly round and symmetrical. Natural pearls, however, will be misshapen and are often off-colour. It is the natural pearl’s imperfections that make it so perfect.