Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2019 Collection – Daydream Vivier

Daydream Vivier – the Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2019 Collection was launched at a private event in Paris.

Since its inception, the world of art, design, music, fashion, film and architectural design has been fascinated by the Baroque era and its influences. What captivates our imagination about this style is debatable but I think the answer lies in the very heart of what baroque stands for. It is an indulgence in a fantasy world.

A world where heavenly beings mingle with mortals in art, where wilderness is tamed into fantastical shapes and unimaginable forms in garden design or in decadent indulgence in fashion which seems to be meant for another world.

The Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, titled Daydream Vivier can only really be described as baroque reborn. It is a seamless blend of contemporary and baroque as well as the indulgence in a fantasy-world-made-real. With Gherardo Felloni at the helm, the collection looks as much to the future as it honours the past. The greatest example of this within the new collection has to be the new Courbette. With inspiration taken from a Vivier icon created in 1960, the Polichinelle. This shoe, inspired by 18th-century pumps, I dare say, would be worn by Marie Antoinette if she were alive today.

The Courbette by Roger Vivier

This exceptional piece of footwear sees a bi-colour design in which the metallic accent of the heel compliments the shine of the satin finish with a light accent strap and opulent bow.

“Dreams are a metaphor for reality. For the launch of the Fall/Winter 19-20 collection, my inspiration comes from what I think women imagine when they dream”

Gherardo Felloni
Roger Vivier Fall/Winter 2019 Collection - Daydream Vivier
The Fondation Cino et Simone del Duca

Hosted at the Fondation Cino et Simone del Duca, the collection was staged and designed on the same foundation as the collection. In an official statement by the Maison, the design and layout was explained:

“In this fantasy house, 6 rooms are inhabited by different characters, representing 6 marvellous dreams that can sometimes turn into beautiful nightmares – a haunted forest, a hall of mirrors, a room full of unicorns, Madame Freud’s chambers, a cinema room showing “Belle de Jour” and a mysterious jungle. Eclectic characters inhabit each room, such as country singers, a dream analyst with her patient and a woman lost in the woods. They are sometimes hidden to visitors who must find their way, like walking through a daydream, to discover the collection.”

Images: Francois Durand

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