Roxanne’s Rum Eatery – Johannesburg’s Latest Unique Hotspot

Johannesburg | South Africa

For the lovers of dining, it has become increasingly difficult to find an establishment that offers world-class food but that isn’t a generic copy of a thousand similar restaurants and eateries. A place with a personality and an atmosphere that transports the visitor to a unique world. One of Johannesburg’s new eateries, Roxanne’s Rum Eatery, offers just that. With exceptional cuisine and a comfortable environment, complemented by outstanding food and service, Roxanne’s is sure to become a staple amongst food lovers. From starter to pudding, cosset in various flavours and textures, the establishment will broaden your vision of casual food. Here you will find a gourmet twist on casual cuisine that is full of flavour with just a touch of the dramatic.

Roxanne’s Rum Eatery is a contemporary restaurant that serves up superb cuisine that’s simple yet memorable. Situated in a small shopping centre across the road from Monte Casino, this is the place to enjoy a superior dining experience within a relaxed atmosphere. With a sensual, comfortable yet surprisingly intimate ambience, accompanied with a wide assortment of starters, mains and puddings to select from, this is the perfect place to have a first date, or just to enjoy the company of friends and family.

The food offering has been carefully selected to cater to vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Roxanne’s offers a unique blend of international flavours paired with a uniquely South African finesse. Some of their must-try items include the Goth Burger (named so due to its charcoal coloured bun), their Jack-Ma-Bacon. This decadent breakfast dish consists of fluffy flapjacks with bacon, topped off with Crème Fraiche and is drenched in, what else than, rum syrup. The pudding portions, unbelievably large, offers the ultimate sensory experience from taste to presentation. Any of the waffles are a must with the honeycomb cheesecake a sin to not order. It is light, perfectly set, has a wonderful texture and enjoys a unique and truly divine blend of tastes.

Roxanne's Rum Eatery
The Goth burger’s sesame roll is coloured black with charcoal

When it comes to the cocktails offered at the restaurant the establishment really has gone out of their way to ensure a unique collection of Rum based cocktails. The attention to detail is excellent, starting from the period inspired names to the presentation – glass styles that conjure up images of speakeasies and the burlesque clubs of old. Although sever beers and even Proseccos are available on tap the cocktails are the main attraction. A must try is the Gypsy Rose Lee. Rose syrup, dark rum, guava and lime juice, mixed with orange bitters and egg white offers a distinctly unique taste that will have you craving it for days to come.

Roxanne's Rum Eatery
Roxanne's Rum Eatery offers an excellent selection of Rum based cocktails

Perhaps one of its biggest plus points is the unique décor and atmosphere. The leather benches with miss-matched lamp shades, bare brick walls, painted murals and neon-script lighting transport you to a world where you expect to see Al Capone sitting in the corner and enjoying a cigar. Each and every angle is a visual feast ensuring that every photo you take is ‘completely Instagramable’. In keeping with its unique atmosphere, Roxanne’s Rum Eatery offers an on-site tattoo studio. One of Johannesburg’s most popular parlours, Fallen Heroes, have set up a fully equipped section within the restaurant. Should you wish to get ‘inked’ during your meal it is imperative that you plan ahead. The offering is by appointment only and appointments can only be made through Fallen Heroes.

Rum makes my clothes come off
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