Sandy Leong Unveils Lunar Collection with Gemfields’ Rubies

Fine jewellery designer Sandy Leong continues her fruitful collaboration with Gemfields by incorporating Mozambican rubies into her latest Lunar Collection.

These exquisite gems, sourced responsibly by Gemfields, radiate the joyous essence of the Chinese New Year, a celebration deeply significant to Leong.

The partnership marks another milestone between the New York-based designer and Gemfields, a leading advocate for ethical mining practices, renowned for its high-quality rubies from Mozambique and emeralds from Zambia.

Sandy Leong’s Ethical Vision and Gemfields’ Commitment

For Sandy Leong, integrating Gemfields‘ emeralds and rubies aligns seamlessly with her brand’s ethos.

Sandy Leong Unveils Lunar Collection with Gemfields' Rubies

She emphasises Gemfields‘ dedication to fostering positive change in the regions where gemstones are sourced as a key reason behind their enduring partnership. Leong has always prioritised responsible sourcing, considering it fundamental to her business philosophy.

The Lunar Collection: Honouring Tradition and Heritage

Named in honour of the Lunar New Year, particularly significant as the Year of the Dragon unfolds, Sandy Leong’s Lunar Collection draws inspiration from the revered symbolism of rubies in Chinese culture.

The vibrant red hue evokes notions of passion, prosperity, and protection, embodying the essence of celebration. Beyond aesthetics, this collection holds personal significance for Leong, echoing her childhood memories of Chinese New Year festivities and familial bonds.

The Symbolism of Rubies: Tradition and Legacy

In Chinese culture, the colour red symbolises vitality, abundance, and good fortune, attributes deeply ingrained in Sandy Leong’s Lunar Collection. Reflecting on her upbringing, Leong recalls her mother’s tradition of passing down jewellery, instilling values of familial connection and heritage.

With this in mind, Leong crafted pieces intended for multi-generational wear, representing timeless treasures imbued with cultural significance.

Sandy Leong Unveils Lunar Collection with Gemfields' Rubies

Central to the Lunar Collection’s ethos is the use of responsibly sourced rubies from Montepuez Ruby Mining in Mozambique, a venture primarily owned and operated by Gemfields.

These precious stones are meticulously set in 18k recycled gold, adorned with conflict-free diamonds, echoing Leong’s dedication to sustainability. Emphasising local production, all pieces are crafted in New York by ethical manufacturers.

Giving Back: Philanthropy Through Jewellery

Continuing her tradition of philanthropy, Sandy Leong pledges that 10% of the Lunar Collection’s net proceeds will be donated to the Gemfields Foundation.

This charitable initiative supports community and conservation projects in African regions surrounding gemstone mines, facilitating tangible improvements in local livelihoods. By contributing to the Foundation, purchasers of the Lunar Collection directly impact the communities where gemstones originate.

Featuring nine distinctive pieces, the Lunar Collection showcases an array of ruby earrings, including baguette, chain, and huggie styles, alongside a Ruby Baguette Tennis bracelet, pendant, and Stack ring.

Sandy Leong Unveils Lunar Collection with Gemfields' Rubies

Noteworthy additions include three standout Ruby Signet rings, each adorned with round or baguette rubies. Each piece epitomises the Lunar New Year’s essence, boasting a captivating red ruby as its centrepiece—a timeless ensemble destined to endure through generations.


Sandy Leong’s collaboration with Gemfields epitomises the fusion of ethical craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Through the Lunar Collection, Leong honours tradition while fostering positive change, ensuring that each piece not only embodies timeless elegance but also contributes to meaningful social impact.

As the Lunar New Year unfolds, the collection stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of tradition and the transformative power of responsible luxury.

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