Exclusive Excavation: Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb with Dr. Martinez

Embark on a journey unlike any other, in the company of renowned archaeologist Dr. Kathleen Martinez, as she leads a state-of-the-art exploration through the enigmatic passageways of the Great Temple of Osiris, Taposiris Magna, located in Alexandria, Egypt.

September 2023 marks the beginning of an extraordinary adventure as The Luminaire extends an exclusive invitation to its esteemed guests.

Prepare to witness the first-ever excavation of these intricate tunnels in over two millennia, in search of the fabled resting place of Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

Exclusive Excavation: Search for Cleopatra's Tomb with Dr. Martinez

A World-Renowned Archaeologist and the Quest for Cleopatra’s Tomb

Dr. Kathleen Martinez, a former lawyer and diplomat, has dedicated her life to unravelling the mysteries surrounding the tomb of Cleopatra. Known as “Cleopatra’s lawyer,” Dr. Martinez is not only a passionate advocate for Cleopatra’s legacy but also a respected authority in her field. Guests will have the privilege of being guided by her as she recounts the progress made in the ongoing excavation efforts and sheds light on the significance of her remarkable discoveries.

Building on the success of The Luminaire’s luxury dinosaur dig expedition to Wyoming, this new journey through Egypt promises an immersive experience delving into the captivating history of Cleopatra. Travelling from Cairo to Alexandria, guests will be transported back in time to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt.

Exclusive Excavation: Search for Cleopatra's Tomb with Dr. Martinez

Prior to its official opening, they will have exclusive access to the Grand Egyptian Museum, where they can marvel at the treasures of the past. Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to engage with an archivist at the Alexandria National Museum, deciphering ancient manuscripts and gaining insights into the ancient civilisations that thrived in these lands.

Participate in Live Excavation and Restoration Work

Accompanied by Dr. Martinez, guests will actively take part in live excavation and restoration work at the temple. Together, they will venture into the uncovered shafts and tunnels, witnessing the intricate process of artefact identification.

Discover the significance of bones, pottery, jewels, coins, and sculptures as valuable clues in uncovering the truth about Cleopatra’s burial site. Witness the cutting-edge robots deployed to digitally map the labyrinthine tunnels and observe the construction of a digital model that will aid in understanding the complex structures safeguarding Cleopatra’s tomb.

Exclusive Excavation: Search for Cleopatra's Tomb with Dr. Martinez

When asked about her tireless pursuit, Dr. Kathleen Martinez expressed her unwavering commitment, stating, “If there’s even a one percent chance that the last queen of Egypt could be buried there, it is my duty to search for her.” Her determination and passion have been the driving force behind this extraordinary expedition, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the quest for Cleopatra’s final resting place.

A Luxurious Journey of Discovery

Over the course of six remarkable days, guests will enjoy their stay at the esteemed Four Seasons hotels in both Cairo and Alexandria, where opulent accommodations and exceptional hospitality await. As an option, the journey can be extended to include a visit to the Siwa Oasis, renowned for its rejuvenating waters that were once frequented by Egyptian royalty. Immerse yourself in the wellness benefits of this historical oasis, connecting with the ancient traditions that nourished the minds, bodies, and spirits of past kings and queens.

Exclusive Excavation: Search for Cleopatra's Tomb with Dr. Martinez

Starting from September 2023, guests have the opportunity to join the “exploration phase” alongside Dr. Martinez in September and October. Alternatively, they can choose to accompany her expert team from November 2023 through 2024. The pricing for this exclusive expedition begins at £11,950 per person based on a group of four travellers, and it includes all accommodations, activities, transfers, and select meals. Please note that this remarkable journey is available on a private basis, ensuring an intimate and personalised experience for every participant.

Prepare to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, where history, archaeology, and luxury converge. Join The Luminaire and Dr. Kathleen Martinez as they unveil the hidden secrets of Taposiris Magna, revealing the long-lost treasures and the final resting place of one of history’s most captivating figures, Queen Cleopatra. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary quest and contribute to the legacy of an ancient world. Book your place today and let the sands of time guide you through a truly unforgettable experience.

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