Seth Troxler Curates Scooter LaForge Show In London

London | United Kingdom

The world of contemporary art constantly seen wonderful, innovative and, even at times, intriguing collaborations on a regular basis. These range from artistic collaborations to the curatorship of an artist’s collection, series or even their entire body of work. The Jealous Gallery in London will play host to one of these.

On 22 March 2018, the gallery will see one of New York‘s most celebrated underground artists Scooter LaForge’s show curated by acclaimed DJ and electronic music producer, Seth Troxler.

Titled, The Odyssey, LaForge’s debut London show comprises of both paintings and prints. The works will show the artists adaption of Homer’s epic Odyssey merging the existent and the imaginary. This draws a striking parallel to history with ancient Greek mythology. Complementing the prints, paintings and wall murals, the show also comprises of a signed edition of 20 catalogues – each one is a hybrid of hand-painted t-shirt and book.

Scooter LaForge & Seth Troxler
Scooter LaForge & Seth Troxler Courtesy of Artists

“My obsession with my favourite living artist had begun, with both his clothing and paintings. For me, his work embodies surprise, intrigue, desire, and confusion. It was everything to me. It was the visual embodiment of what I wanted to express as a DJ, presenter of ideas, and musical artist. My art of being a DJ connects with his visual art because we both sample history—the beat of a cultural memory bank. By intuitively referencing, the outer limits of recognition combine into something that you own.”

The artist’s commissioned garments have gained him international renown with various high-profile clients ranging from Beyoncé to Madonna. Seth Troxler has been an admirer and avid collector of LaForge’s work since 2013. The DJ and music producer was first introduced to the artist’s work whilst shopping at Patricia Field’s ARTFASHION in New York. This is where he bought his first piece in the form of a ripped Blondie t-shirt with paint splatters. His love for the artist’s creations is even further evident in the fact that he now exclusively wears LaForge’s creations when he performs.


Located in the heart of Shoreditch, the Jealous Gallery is a modern art gallery, publisher and printing studio. The gallery has gained a reputation for showcasing innovative and multidisciplinary artists. The gallery is famous for its collaborative approach towards print publishing and printing.

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