Things to Remember Before Setting Out on a UK Road Trip

Driving in the UK is something a lot of people do every day. But by clicking on this link you’re acknowledging the fact that before going on a memorable UK road trip, you need to do a bit of research first.

One of the first things you should consider is your car. Will it be capable and comfortable enough to haul you and some loved ones across the country? If not, take a look at some second hand cars for sale. You might be surprised by the breadth and depth out there. And it might surprise you to find quite how cheaply luxurious and comfortable cars (perfect for a road trip) are on the used market.

Below we run down a lightweight and easy to digest list of things to remember and research before setting out on a UK road trip.


First step first; if you’re driving a car new to you it is absolutely imperative that you’re certain on what kind of fuel it takes.

And once you’ve got that nailed, you might want to read up on how to drive economically. Doing this on a long journey is good for the environment and your wallet. The savings over a few thousand miles are stark.


Things to Remember Before Setting Out on a UK Road Trip

We’re not talking road tax here. We’re talking fees you might incur while on the move. For instance, if you’re travelling near London you’ll need to research the ULEZ, which can be expensive for older, more polluting cars.

Worth noting that Birmingham, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow also have similar schemes.

If you’re heading to the south of England you may encounter the Dartford Crossing. The tunnel and bridge crossing of the Thames Estuary is impressively busy and costs £2.50.

And if you’re venturing up north you might find yourself heading over the Birmingham Relief Road, AKA the M6 Toll. But it will cost you.

Speed Limits

You’d think if you regularly drive in the UK you’d know the speed limits. But it’s always worth brushing up because there are more than 7,000 speed cameras in the UK.

Winter Driving

When we think of road trips, we might automatically think of long summer nights. But road trips are of course enjoyed all year round. In the winter you need a plan. From blankets and phone chargers to winter tyres, your research now could save your life later.


Of course if you’re going on an epic trip to the Lakes you might well be towing a caravan. It is essential to get to know the laws before going out and towing though.

Some of these laws are complicated and can change depending on the driver’s age. So this one does require a bit of research.

Things to Remember Before Setting Out on a UK Road Trip


A good share bag of sweets is probably a good idea. But even better ideas include buying anti-glare glasses, charging cables and a good quality jacket.