Has COVID-19 Contributed Towards The Significant Rise In Global App Downloads?

It has become increasingly common for people to use apps on their smartphone and tablet devices during the past few years.

There is a good chance that COVID-19 might be responsible in part for this increase. People may feel like they need something new and exciting to help them escape the boredom of being stuck at home.

According to statistics about the most popular live app downloads from around the world by an interactive widget from Gravitee, social networking apps such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular so far in 2021.

Though, while that might be the case, excluding social media apps, other types of apps are also generally rising to prominence.

What Impact Has The COVID-19 Pandemic Had On Apps?

Has COVID-19 Contributed Towards The Significant Rise In Global App Downloads?

eLearning Apps

With this type of technology, students can attend classes and learn anything about a specific subject from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. During the first UK lockdown, 10% of Brits took up an opportunity to learn a second language, and also in March 2020 alone, Duolingo reported almost an increase of 300% new users!

Bilinguals not only understand two languages, but also two cultures. Learning a foreign language will broaden your social and employment opportunities. You’ll be able to communicate with people from different countries because it increases your intercultural awareness and makes you more open-minded and culturally sensitive.

It won’t be long before we all need to know at least one other language to be successful – whether we live and work globally or just want the advantages of being bilingual in our own city.

Has COVID-19 Contributed Towards The Significant Rise In Global App Downloads?

Health Apps Are On The Rise

A 25% increase was noticed in downloads of health apps in 2021. As COVID-19 spreads and more people become infected with it, the demand for health apps is increasing, especially for helping with mental health.

Due to various lockdown restrictions reducing the ability for people to participate in their favorite daily activities and ability to see their friends and family, people’s mental welfare was severely affected.

As a way to cope with their struggles, people would resort to downloading mental health apps to receive the guidance and help that they needed to cope during these difficult times.

Some mental health apps allow you to track your mood or symptoms over time so that you can look back on this information if you need to. This might be particularly useful if you are waiting for an appointment with a professional or are trying to monitor how well your treatment is working.

Has COVID-19 Contributed Towards The Significant Rise In Global App Downloads?

eCommerce Apps

In 2021, there was also a rise in the number of eCommerce apps downloaded. According to a report, due to COVID-19, retailers saw a 36% increase in mobile app downloads and a 54% growth in in-app purchases.

Digital purchasing from apps can enhance the user experience because they know that they can make an instant purchase rather than having to abide by following a complicated registration process on a company’s website or having to wait to stand in an extremely busy queue line in-store.

Has COVID-19 Contributed Towards The Significant Rise In Global App Downloads?


While the pandemic of COVID-19 is currently taking its toll on people’s freedoms, there is such a vast array of app categories out there that cater to all users’ requirements that there is literally going to be something for everyone. Whether that be for e-commerce, entertainment, health purposes, apps will always help occupy people during these troubling times and the increase in global app download usage is projected to increase even further each year.

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