Signs Of A Sensitive Scalp And How To Treat It

When you want to look good you need to take care of your health and face in particular. While there is a lot of information on healthy hair you need to understand taking care of the scalp is equally important. Hence, you need to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Having a sensitive scalp can further aggravate the situation and therefore you need to know if you have a sensitive scalp or not.

Here are some signs of a sensitive scalp that you need to look out for:


The most common sign of having a sensitive scalp is itching. Also, this could be the first sign that your scalp has some issues that you need to address immediately. Itching generally means that your scalp skin lacks moisture. If you prefer to shampoo your hair use shampoo for dry scalp that can help you minimize the issue.

Flaky Dry Patches

Signs Of A Sensitive Scalp And How To Treat It

If your scalp is shedding small flakes of dry skin you might have a sensitive scalp along with issues like dandruff. If those flakes are red in color you might have psoriasis and you need to consult a doctor that can help you with the treatment.

Feeling Of Tightness

Scalp that lacks moisture would feel tight and dry and that can be one of the signs that your scalp is sensitive. Generally, it can tighten up more when you use particular hair products or hair color with harsh chemicals.

Signs Of A Sensitive Scalp And How To Treat It

Redness Of Scalp

If you experience redness of the scalp you have sensitive skin and there might be issues that you need to resolve as quickly as possible. Scalp redness can make things uncomfortable for you especially when you comb your hair.

When you have a sensitive scalp you need to take care of your scalp and ensure that you treat it the right way.

Use The Right Comb

Using combs that have narrow and sharp teeth can make things worse for you and irritate your itchy scalp further. Hence, you need to look for the right comb that can help you untangle and set your hair without affecting the scalp.

Avoid Using Hair Dryer Excessively

Hair dryers might seem like a great idea to dry your hair quickly but they can rob all the moisture from your scalp making it dry and itchy. It is always advisable that allow your hair to dry naturally especially when you are not in a hurry.

Wash Your Hair With Room Temperature Water

Signs Of A Sensitive Scalp And How To Treat It

Hot water baths are soothing and relaxing but hot water sucks out all the moisture from your scalp making it dry and itchy. Hence, you must wash your hair with room temperature water to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

We tend to experiment a lot when it comes to hair styling and coloring. In doing this, we apply a lot of harsh chemicals to our hair and scalp that can damage the scalp skin and make it dry and itchy. Avoid using hair shampoos and conditioners that are loaded with harsh chemicals. Also, do not keep hair coloring frequently to look stylish because eventually, it will affect the scalp.

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