The New Silver Nova – An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

Silversea Cruises has announced the launch of its latest ship, the Silver Nova, set to revolutionize ultra-luxury cruise travel with an unprecedented variety of bars, lounges, and restaurants.

In addition to its exceptional amenities, the ship boasts a unique asymmetrical design, with a horizontal layout that enhances guests’ sense of spaciousness and facilitates a natural flow between venues on entire decks.

Unmatched Public Venues

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

The Silver Nova will host an unmatched array of public spaces, including 10 bars and lounges, eight distinct restaurants, and a host of additional venues positioned mainly on decks three, four, and five, as well as outside on deck 10.

The ship’s horizontal layout allows for seamless transitions between venues, enabling guests to enjoy a unique experience that evolves throughout the day.

Dolce Vita Lounge: The Heart of Silver Nova

Located on deck five, the Dolce Vita Lounge is the heart of the Silver Nova and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

Open from early morning until late evening, the lounge provides an elegant setting for guests to enjoy leisurely drinks and enrichment activities.

In the evening, it transforms into a sophisticated piano bar, complete with a feature bar, performance area, and ample seating.

Venetian Lounge: Home of Enrichment and Entertainment

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

The two-storied Venetian Lounge on decks four and five will have a capacity for 370 guests.

This is the home of Silver Nova’s enrichment and entertainment offerings, including live theatrical and musical performances, film screenings, and events of an evening, as well as informative lectures and seminars during the day.

The venue incorporates state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, cabaret-style seating with small tables, and balconies for an intimate viewing experience.

The Shelter: A Sophisticated Evening-Only Bar

The Shelter is a brand new venue for Silversea and accommodates just 32 guests in a chic setting of 131m2 (1,410ft2).

This sophisticated bar is located adjacent to Atlantide and S.A.L.T. Kitchen on deck three and offers guests pre-dinner aperitifs and post-dinner cocktails.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

The Shelter’s elegant interiors employ a neutral colour palette, illuminated by tasteful lighting.

The striking bar includes a wrap-around bottle display with integrated strips of lighting for a modern aesthetic.

Connoisseur’s Corner: A Selection of Premium Cigars and Liquors

Located on deck five, Silver Nova’s Connoisseur’s Corner offers guests a selection of premium cigars and liquors in a spacious area of 61.5m2 (662 ft2).

It accommodates 35 guests and features comfortable Chesterfield armchairs, creating an exclusive look and feel of a private member’s club.

The area features a larger, modern interior space with floor-to-ceiling windows and a spacious outdoor area.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

Observation Lounge: Panoramic 270-degree Views

The Observation Lounge on deck 10 offers guests panoramic 270-degree views over the destination. It provides a vantage point from the top of the ship, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a soothing colour palette inspired by the sea.

The enlarged venue of 256.5m2 (2,761ft2) accommodates up to 115 guests from early morning until late at night and houses Silver Nova’s library, offering travellers an intimate space to relax with a book.

Panorama Lounge: A Peaceful Lounge by Day and Lively Bar by Night

The Panorama Lounge sprawls over 547m2 (5,888ft2) on deck five and accommodates up to 190 guests.

Large windows surround the interior space, offering 221m2 (2,379ft2)

of outdoor space with 270-degree views over the destination from the ship’s aft.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

The Panorama Lounge offers a new layout compared to Silversea’s Muse-class ships, as well as a new design and colour palette.

By day, it is a peaceful lounge, while at night, it transforms into a lively bar.

S.A.L.T. Bar: Premium Regional-Inspired Drinks

The S.A.L.T. Bar is located on deck 10 and enjoys a premium position aboard Silver Nova. It has a capacity for 42 guests in an area of 170.8m2 (1,838.5ft2), offering regional-inspired drinks in warm, elegant interiors.

The bar features a dark colour palette and comfortable armchairs for an intimate atmosphere, and guests can enjoy far-reaching views through floor-to-ceiling windows and a new outdoor area.

S.A.L.T. Lab: Hands-On Exploration of Regional Ingredients

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

Also located on deck 10 with a new outdoor area, the S.A.L.T. Lab is an enlarged test kitchen that accommodates 28 guests, enabling them to explore regional ingredients under the guidance of local food experts and Silver Nova’s S.A.L.T. Host.

The lab comprises cooking stations and a larger, redesigned central workstation, allowing participating guests to view demonstrations up close.

The bright, elegant interior design of the S.A.L.T. Lab is similar to that of previous ships.

Otium Spa: Inspired by Ancient Roman Baths

The Otium Spa is located towards the bow of the ship on deck five, with a more spacious interior than Silver Dawn℠.

The 338m2 (3,638.2ft2) space is open throughout the day and offers Silversea’s Roman-inspired Otium wellness program, including an indoor swimming pool, spa with eight treatment rooms, a tranquil relaxation area, fitness centre, and beauty salon.

Inspired by the design of ancient Roman baths, the Otium Spa has an open, welcoming feel in which guests’ wellness journeys flow seamlessly between interconnecting areas.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

The thermal area is larger than ever, with a steam room, sauna, and pool, complete with a travertine water fountain and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Soft lighting and natural stones, including hints of red marble, create an elegant and relaxing setting.

Unmatched Dining Experience

Silver Nova offers guests the choice of eight signature restaurants, with unparalleled variety from spacious, open-seated venues to intimate dining options, serving a diverse range of high-quality fare.

Decks three, four, and five accommodate Silver Nova’s indoor restaurants, including La Terrazza, Atlantide, S.A.L.T. Kitchen, La Dame®, Silver Note®, and Kaiseki®, while the Marquee on deck 10 houses the ship’s two outdoor dining options, Spaccanapoli and the Grill.

Additional Public Spaces

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

In addition to eight restaurants, Silver Nova welcomes up to 70 guests in the vibrant Arts Café.

The ship’s additional public spaces include a three-storied atrium, casino, and two-storied boutique, as well as two outdoor bars, the Pool Bar and the Dusk Bar, which hosts guests on deck 10.

Unprecedented Sustainability Credentials

Apart from its unparalleled amenities, Silver Nova boasts pioneering sustainability credentials, making it one of the most environmentally conscious ships ever built.

It features advanced hybrid technology that utilizes fuel cells, emitting zero local emissions while in port – an industry-first.

“Silver Nova represents a milestone in our strategy to build the perfect ship for every itinerary, with her array of venues enhancing the guest experience to a new level. Pushing boundaries in ultra-luxury travel, she will enrich the social aspect of cruising to unprecedented levels, fostering the strong sense of community that is core to life on board each Silversea ship. Her openness to the destinations she visits will offer guests a new way of connecting with the world.”

Barbara Muckermann, President and CEO of Silversea Cruises

Silver Nova is not only built with the guests’ comfort and luxury in mind but also with environmental sustainability in focus.

Its advanced hybrid technology using fuel cells makes it the world’s first low-emissions cruise ship that emits zero local emissions while in port, setting a new standard in the industry.

This feature is a testament to Silversea’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Silversea’s unique approach to luxury cruising is evident in every aspect of Silver Nova, from its unparalleled range of venues and dining options to its innovative design and sustainability credentials.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

Guests can look forward to an extraordinary experience on board Silver Nova, where they can explore the world in comfort and style while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

In addition to the new venues and enhanced designs, Silver Nova will also offer a range of onboard activities and entertainment options.

Guests can enjoy live theatrical and musical performances at the two-storied Venetian Lounge or relax with a book at the Observation Lounge, which offers panoramic views of the destination.

The S.A.L.T. Lab will provide a unique opportunity for guests to get hands-on with regional ingredients and learn about the local cuisine.

Silver Nova will also feature a range of wellness options at the Otium Spa, which incorporates an indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, and beauty salon. Guests can indulge in Silversea’s Roman-inspired Otium wellness program and experience the thermal area, which includes a steam room, sauna, and pool with a travertine water fountain.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

With 364 spacious suites across 13 categories, including premium suites on the ship’s aft, Silver Nova can accommodate up to 728 guests.

Each suite features a private balcony, a separate sitting area, and luxurious amenities, ensuring the utmost comfort and relaxation for guests.

Silversea’s commitment to providing the ultimate luxury cruising experience is further demonstrated by the ship’s pioneering sustainability credentials.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

As a leader in the industry, Silversea is setting a new standard for environmentally conscious cruising, and guests can rest assured that their travel choices are contributing to a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, Silver Nova is set to revolutionize the ultra-luxury cruise industry with its unique design, unparalleled range of venues, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

The New Silver Nova - An Ultra-Luxury Cruise Like No Other

Guests can look forward to an extraordinary experience on board this innovative ship, where they can connect with the world in comfort and style while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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