Simple Exercises to Maintain Your Physical Activity Levels

Sometimes, spending an hour at the gym sounds exhausting and tiring. You may have a small window to exercise but need more fortitude to try something heavily investing. This is a common denominator for most people looking to maintain their physical activity levels with work commitments.

Sweat-breaking exercises such as rigorous running or strength lifting are discouraging. There are far less intensive exercise regimes to raise your activity levels without beating you down. 

These physical activities don’t require equipment or high activity levels to cope with them. Moreover, these activities can gel perfectly with your daily workout plan. No excuse to start a healthy lifestyle while levelling your fitness levels. Let’s explore some of these simple exercises:

Why Exercise Regularly? 

Simple Exercises to Maintain Your Physical Activity Levels

A common notion about fitness activities is that they only work for athletes and sports influencers. In reality, anyone can develop an exercise routine that works for their body. Even students who depend on an online essay writing service to save time for working out. In addition, these individuals can reap the numerous health benefits of actively exercising. 

Medical practitioners advise participating in these activities can help mediate various ailments such as:

  • Stress
  • Strokes
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Heart attacks
  • Some cancers
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes

Moreover, these exercises play an integral role in weight management. You gain weight by consuming more calories and not burning them off through physical exercises. More exercise means maintaining a healthy weight. 

What to Start Adopting

Various styles are easily incorporated into your daily routine to maintain your fitness. Here are some simple exercises that promote your overall health:


Simple Exercises to Maintain Your Physical Activity Levels

If you’re not interested in swimming, walking is another simple exercise that doesn’t require any equipment or skills. One way to greatly improve your overall health is walking for 30 minutes a day. Try incorporating short walks into your daily routine. 

Research shows that walking reduces the risk of developing severe conditions. The best part is that walking is free and requires no training. If you’re interested in a deeper exploration of the health benefits, you can choose to pay someone to write my dissertation, to get a thoroughly researched look into the potential benefits of such a simple exercise.

Start casually strolling your neighborhood or walk home from work. The small steps go a long way in keeping up with your fitness. Make the walking enjoyable by listening to your music or podcasts. 

Walking can save you money spent on Uber. The saved amount can go for other activities, such as ordering a healthy meal or purchasing a new outfit. 

If you can’t do 30 minutes of active walking due to physical limitations, you can do regular small walks of up to ten minutes. Gradually, you can take longer walks to raise your tolerance levels.


Swimming is a recommended routine that actively engages your full body and cardiovascular system. Swimmers burn calories in a way similar to running.

First, swimming engages your full body. It elevates your heart rate while building your endurance. Additionally, it alerts your cardiovascular system. It strengthens your internal organs, such as the lungs and heart. 

Wonder why most patients with injury, disability, or arthritis are urged to swim? Well, health practitioners say swimming reduces pain while improving your recovery from potential injury. 

Another beneficial result of swimming is a good night’s sleep. Recent studies reveal that swimming boosts the quality of sleep in older adults. 


Simple Exercises to Maintain Your Physical Activity Levels

Do you love shaking your arm and leg while dancing to your favorite tunes? Well, this counts as a physical activity that actively engages your body. Staying fit regardless of age, size, and shape is recommended. 

Various forms of dancing are available that you can take up. The most popular styles for physical activity include belly dancing, Zumba, hip-hop abs, and Turbo Jam. 

Dance is a huge manifestation in different cultures used to mark celebrations or rituals. You can take up dancing as a recreational activity. Moreover, dancing packs a host of mental and physical benefits, such as:

  • Weight management
  • Improved mental functioning
  • High social skills
  • Physical confidence
  • Agility and coordination 

Start your dancing journey with a duo or join a dancing group. Social halls or community venues are good spots to find these dancing groups. Apart from keeping fit, you get to interact with other people. 


Biking is a casual exercise most of us adopt as a hobby or daily movement to work. Unknowingly, biking improves overall health and lowers cholesterol. It is a low-impact aerobic exercise that comes with various intensity levels. 

Experts recommend people take up cycling as a means of losing weight. High-intensity cycling burns calories and fat levels to promote healthy weight management.

While biking might not effectively turn your legs strong, you can try other exercises, such as lunges and squats.  

The best part about cycling is that it suits even beginners. First-timers can build their endurance on stationary bikes. Start with low-intensity before proceeding to high-intensity sessions. 


Simple Exercises to Maintain Your Physical Activity Levels

One standout exercise we grew up practising is push-ups. Different variations exist depending on your body weight and preference. It is a good practice to engage your upper body fully. 

Practising push-ups each morning and during different times of the day builds your upper body strength.

In addition to being a great strength-building exercise, push-ups can help improve your overall heart health. It reduces the risk of cardiac events like heart attack or stroke.

By increasing your energy metabolism, push-ups can also help you burn calories and lose excess fat. This makes them a valuable addition to any weight management routine. 

Kegel Exercises

Most people often associate Kegel exercises with women. It is a common session for pregnant women or sexual enthusiasts looking to lighten up their sex drive. More people are adding up these exercises to improve their general health. 

Any exercise participant can tell you about their impact on their pelvic muscles. This strategy targets your lower body. It is a necessary action to keep your organs, such as the vagina, bowel, and bladder in tight check. 

The result of Kegel exercises is that it gives your body better control over your bladder and bowels. Experts recommend emptying your bladder before performing these Kegel exercises. 

Key Takeaway

Maintaining your fitness levels doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym. You can try these daily routines to build your physicality. Also, it improves your overall health status. Start by simply strolling around your neighbourhood, swimming, dancing, or singing up for Kegel exercises. 

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