Your Stress-Free Ski Holiday Must-Dos And Must-Haves

Ski holidays are the epitome of style. Some of the most breathtaking locations and stunning scenery around the world host the skiing community for seasonal holidays up in the mountains. The world’s finest ski lodges in Europe and the US open their doors to avid holidaymakers.

For the seasoned skier, no holiday schedule is complete without that winter getaway, and being prepared for it – from equipment to location – is an absolute must to ensure you have the best time out on the slopes. 

Your Stress-Free Ski Holiday Must-Dos And Must-Haves

Finding The Right Cover 

So you’re ready to book your next ski trip this season. As an experienced skier, you’ll know that admin and insurance coverage is really important. Any advanced skier understands that skiing is a high-risk sport and often carries its own insurance packages and competence checks before being allowed on slopes.

Many resorts don’t allow total novices to ski without supervision, even requiring proof of insurance as standard. When picking your insurance package, look for a guarantee of coverage for personal injury that could be incurred due to negligence if you’re receiving guidance or instruction or injury incurred in natural incidents, like avalanches or snowstorms.

Ski injuries can be serious enough to result in other grievances like stress disorders, especially when they’re life-alerting or require longer-term recovery. For example, PTSD compensation claims are actually very typical foundations for cases of personal injury claims where a victim suffers serious changes to their quality of life.

Your Stress-Free Ski Holiday Must-Dos And Must-Haves

Skiing – due to being considered a higher-risk activity – is one of those instances when you must invest in adequate coverage, especially if you’re an adept or extreme skier who increases the risk of more serious injury or trauma.

It’s just not worth risking suffering from a life-changing injury and receiving expensive hospital bills from a foreign country on a ski trip, where comprehensive insurance packages and coverage from the US to Europe are readily available.

Location, Location, Location

A few things that should inform your choice of resort. Firstly, transportation. European resorts like Val D’Isere, Zermatt and Courchevel are beautiful, central European spots, easily accessed by plane but also crucially, continental train links. You can even ski between some resorts, for example in Switzerland, where resorts like Thyon and Verbier are linked by skiable routes, with access passes,  connecting the two.

In general, be sure you can get around, especially if you’re transporting your equipment around with you.  To maximise skiing time, you may also want a resort that has easy access between the hotels and the piste, to cut time travelling between your accommodation and the slopes. Many of the most challenging resorts will have extensive ski lifts to take you all over the resort, and the most advanced runs, with ease. 

Your Stress-Free Ski Holiday Must-Dos And Must-Haves

The Right Stuff 

High-quality brands are actually well worth the investment in these cases. It’s not just about style. Lightweight, insulating ski jackets and salopettes from premium brands are great because they don’t sacrifice functionality and fit for aesthetics. If you’re looking for high-end, luxury brands, Rossignol, Atomic, and Fischer are some of the names that professional alpine skiers would use, too – and you’ll really notice the difference there.

For a good set of skis, consider the terrain (the quality of snow, for example), your weight, and your ski style before choosing a set. Look for high-grade skis for both comfort and safety.

Your Stress-Free Ski Holiday Must-Dos And Must-Haves

When it comes to planning, it’s really quite simple. The goal of your insurance, location and equipment should be to make your experience comfortable, safe, and convenient for you and your group. Even the most skilled group of skiers know to be as prepared as possible for any eventuality. As long as you keep that in mind, you’re all bound to have an incredible time on the slopes. 

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