So, Just Who Is Sophie Countess of Wessex?

Learn more about Sophie Countess of Wessex. Her life story and how she became popular in the royal family. She is often heard being called “The Champion of the Poor.”

If there’s one thing the royals in Britain are fantastic at doing, it’s turning heads and wowing audiences at grand events.

The monarchy in Britain, and across the world for that matter, have always wowed audiences with their flamboyant and eye-catching outfits, and Sophie Countess of Wessex, is no exception to that.

So, Just Who Is Sophie Countess of Wessex?

With a fashion sense that many argue would land her in any fashion magazine, Sophie Countess of Wessex is a style icon for women from all walks of life. Of course, wealth certainly does help when it comes to creating eye-catching outfits, but even so, it’s clear that Sophie Countess of Wessex knows how to dress.

As well as being a fashion icon, however, Sophie Countess of Wessex is also a committed member of the royal family and takes her royal duties and responsibilities very seriously.

Here’s a brief look at Sophie Countess of Wessex.

Early Life

Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones was born back on the 20th of January, 1965 in Oxford. She was born into a middle-class family. Her father was a sales director for an industrial tyre and rubber goods company, whereas her mother was a charity worker and secretary.

So, Just Who Is Sophie Countess of Wessex?
The Earl and Countess of Wessex feed Alpacas during a visit to Vauxhall City Farm in London, to see the farm’s community engagement and education programmes in action, as the farm marks the start of Black History Month.

She was raised in Kent and studied at Dulwich Prep School before she went onto Kent College.

After leaving she would go on to forge a career in public relations, working for numerous companies including Capital Radio.

Life As A Royal

It was while she was working at Capital that she met the youngest son of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Edward, in 1987. Incidentally, at the time he was romantically involved with her friend.

So, Just Who Is Sophie Countess of Wessex?
The Countess of Wessex speaks to guests during her visit to The Half Moon public house in Windlesham.

Six years later, the two crossed paths once more at a charity event, and the two soon found themselves in a relationship. In 1999 they became engaged and later that year in June, the two were married.

The couple has two children together, James, and Lady Louise.

Despite her status, Sophie Countess of Wessex is very committed to her role as a royal and is regularly involved in charity work for all manner of charitable organisations.

So, Just Who Is Sophie Countess of Wessex?

As a child, Sophie Countess of Wessex was a Brownie and as the organization held a special place in her heart, she became the new president of Girlguiding UK in 2003.

Sophie Countess of Wessex is also heavily involved in farming and agriculture and is a keen supporter of farming here in the UK.

Style And Image

Sophie Countess of Wessex is not afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard, but she also takes pride in her appearance and is considered to be a very glamourous woman and a style icon.

So, Just Who Is Sophie Countess of Wessex?

In the early days, the public would sneer and turn their noses up at her and would mock her dress sense. She stuck to her convictions and dressed how she wanted, not how other people wanted her to dress, and eventually, she won people around. She developed her own unique style and soon, women of all ages would draw inspiration from her outfits, and she found herself in numerous fashion mags.