So, What Is The Best Time To Visit Iceland?

We take a closer look at the best time to visit Iceland to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Every time you hear about Iceland, there are probably two things that first come to mind – the freshly fallen snow that covers the ground and the enchanted Northern lights as they dance in the night sky.

Iceland is truly the home of some of the magical mysteries in the world. But when is really the best time to visit Iceland to experience all the best things and destinations it has to offer? Should you visit the country during summer or winter? How about autumn or spring?

To help you decide, read below to know what the different seasons in Iceland are like.

Winter In Iceland

So, What Is The Best Time To Visit Iceland?

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland is blessed with a milder climate. Winter runs from November through March, with temperatures ranging from 10 °C to as low as 0 °C. Winter days are shorter, but the bewitching Northern Lights bring a touch of magic when darkness falls.

Once the cooler season kicks in, the island transforms with its partially frozen waterfalls. The sun tends to be bright and sharp during winter. The lovely sunsets and sunrises also cast the landscape in breathtaking palettes.

Winters in Iceland have a different and unique mood that cannot be described with words alone. Nights in winter are also silent and still with a hint of mystery and magic.

Summer In Iceland

So, What Is The Best Time To Visit Iceland?

For some people, summer is the best time to visit Iceland that occurs from June to August. Despite being short-lived, it is during this period that the entire country opens up. The natural treasures of Iceland can be enjoyed no matter what time of the day it is because it never gets dark at all.

This makes summer the ideal season to visit this country if you want to do more activities and see more sites and attractions.

The average summer temperature is approximately 12 °C. During this time, the whole country changed as the winter snow has melted away. The landscape is rich in textures and colors, with the waterfalls running in full stream head.

Herds of sheep graze large expanses of farmland as they bask under the arctic sun. Lupines cover the island in a stunning carpet of blue and lilac. The endless days of summer mean that many things are possible, allowing you to see more than what you can during winter.

Spring And Autumn In Iceland

So, What Is The Best Time To Visit Iceland?

The spring season brings the first signs of summer. Just like summer, this period is also very short, running from April to May. Days also get much longer with the sun reaching a bit higher in the sky, with the lupine flowers preparing for their summer bloom.

Autumn in September is somewhat a sweet spot with its still sunny and long days with just a hint of cold. This is the best time to go on adventures on trails while they are still open. Camping is also possible with the warm enough weather. September is also the time when the Northern Lights are visible all over again.

Indeed, September offers the best of both worlds if the weather gods work in your favor and you time things right.

When is the best time to visit Iceland, then? Well, you can visit this magical country all year round if you like!

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