Sounds of the Dolomites: A Harmonious Mountain Symphony

In the enchanting northern Italian region of Trentino lies the breathtaking Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that sets the stage for unforgettable classical, jazz, and world music concerts.

Annually, from 23rd August to 1st October, the eagerly awaited Sounds of the Dolomites festival treats music enthusiasts to seventeen extraordinary events. As the melodies resonate through the mountains, attendees are not only captivated by the music but also immersed in the region’s vibrant culture.

The Monti Pallidi: A Canvas of Colours

Known as the Monti Pallidi, or “pale mountains,” the Dolomites boast a distinctive soft grey hue. However, at the magical moments of sunrise and sunset, these majestic peaks transform into a breathtaking backdrop that amplifies the sky’s vivid colours.

The Dawn in the Dolomites concert, an integral part of the festival, provides the audience with the unique opportunity to witness this stunning transformation. On 1st September, renowned musician Mario Brunello, accompanied by a Polish Quartet of four leading cellists, will welcome the sunrise with their harmonious performance. As the sun emerges through the rugged mountains, the music resonates with the surroundings, creating a mystical and nourishing experience for both the musicians and the gathered spectators.

A Harmonious Blend of Music and Wellness

Mario Brunello aptly notes that, much like the ever-changing sky, music has the power to transform the mountain landscape and touch the soul. For visitors to Trentino, the festival is not just a celebration of music but also an opportunity to embrace holistic wellness practices amidst the stunning natural setting.

The region of Trentino encourages various wellness activities, such as barefoot walking, forest bathing, tree-hugging, and outdoor yoga. Sounds of the Dolomites align perfectly with these practices, offering attendees a chance to engage in musical meditation and find solace in the harmony of nature.

Music and Nature Unite

Sounds of the Dolomites: A Harmonious Mountain Symphony

The primary objective behind the creation of the Sounds of the Dolomites festival was to showcase the unparalleled beauty of Trentino and foster a deeper connection between visitors and the surrounding natural wonders. Many of the concerts during the festival are free of charge, allowing people from all walks of life to partake in this extraordinary musical experience.

Additionally, the festival features special trekking projects, where participants, accompanied by Trentino Alpine Guides and musicians, embark on three-day mountain journeys, culminating in exclusive concerts held in the heart of nature.


The Sounds of the Dolomites festival stands as a testament to the mesmerizing union of music and nature. As the melodies reverberate through the awe-inspiring Dolomites, the landscape comes alive with the vibrant hues of the sky at dawn and dusk. The festival not only celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage but also serves as a gateway to holistic well-being, providing attendees with an opportunity to find peace and inspiration amidst the majestic mountains. Embrace the magic of the Dolomites, and let the music carry your soul on a harmonious journey through the wonders of Trentino.