5 Ideas To Stay Healthy And Fit When You Lack Time To Exercise

Many people are deeply involved in their careers and have little time to take care of themselves. If you’re working more than 10 hours per day, it’s really tough to find time for yourself. Work is important, but if you don’t find time for other things, you may burn out.

Aside from the need for relaxation, you also need to take care of your health. It’s a known fact that people who are only into work will sooner or later experience terrible health problems. Paying more attention to exercise and living a healthy life is simply a must.

If you can’t quit working so much, and you feel like going to the gym or having a daily morning run in the park are not for you, finding another solution to stay healthy is inevitable. In this article, we’re sharing some ideas that will let you work out without spending too much time on them. Keep reading and see what your options are.

1. Static Bike In Your Living Room

5 Ideas To Stay Healthy And Fit When You Lack Time To Exercise

Exercise bikes are excellent for people who lack time to do more serious workouts. In most gyms, static bikes are used for warm-up sessions, but you can use them for the entire training. Exercise bikes waste many calories and allow you to quit paddling whenever you want.

You can have them in the living room and watch TV while working out. You can do it after or before going to work, and it takes just 20-30 minutes daily to stay in shape and healthy. After working out, hit a quick shower, and you’re ready to continue your day.

2. A Treadmill Has A Similar Role

5 Ideas To Stay Healthy And Fit When You Lack Time To Exercise

Treadmills are also available for home usage. Similarly to static bikes, they can be placed anywhere in the house. Unlike bikes used to sit and paddle, the treadmill is made for running. Instead of going to the park or outside your home to do it, you can hop on the treadmill and have your daily running session this way.

It is the same as the bike, have it in front of the TV, run and watch your favorite series. You may watch the market early in the morning or do anything you like while exercising. Just 20 minutes of moderate running burn up to 150 calories and make you much healthier than you’d be if you don’t exercise.

3. Creating A Home Gym

5 Ideas To Stay Healthy And Fit When You Lack Time To Exercise

A home gym with weights and lifting bars is another idea for those who are not so much into cardio but prefer lifting weights to stay in shape. The only thing to mind here is that lifting weights is not recommended without having a proper warm-up session.

Still, there’s no better way of losing calories than lifting weights. You need to get the right equipment from the fitness store, and you’re ready to start. These items won’t take up too much space, but it’s always better to have a dedicated spot where you’ll do it. Think of your garage or a specialized room where you won’t bother the rest of your family members.

4. Stretching Is Often Enough

Stretching is probably the most underestimated activity that can protect your health. Stretching also burns calories if you do it right and is an activity that will keep you in shape. You need literally nothing else than goodwill, as the weight of your body is enough.

Go through the internet to find the right stretching exercises and see what you need the most. Not all exercises are perfect for your body and needs. If you’re aiming toward the upper body, there’s one set of drills, while the lower part and the legs require something else.

5. Yoga Might Do The Trick

5 Ideas To Stay Healthy And Fit When You Lack Time To Exercise

Yoga is an excellent way to be active without doing anything we described above. Yoga is done by making particular moves and staying that way for some time. During this time, you’re exercising your mind but also your muscles.

Many people who have turned yoga sessions into perfection will finish their daily exercise covered in sweat. That’s because some of these positions that yoga requires are so challenging that our bodies must struggle to keep themselves that way. Yoga is perfect for maintaining both physical and mental health.


It’s crucial to be healthy. No wealth in the world can make you feel good when you’re sick or suffering from a condition you picked up due to working too hard. Instead of being a workaholic, finding time to relax is best.

Since this isn’t possible for many people, finding a way to work out and stay healthy is essential. The solution we provide is described above. Get yourself one of the machines we mentioned, or opt for stretching and yoga, and whatever you choose, stay safe and healthy.

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