Style Guide: Festive Cocktail Attire

Festive cocktail attire is one of those dress code requirements that isn’t commonly seen but is always a fun and unique way to dress.

You may find that festive dress codes occur more commonly around the holidays, or at weddings where the colour themes are relaxed, bright, and fun.

Our style guide tells you everything you need to know about festive cocktail attire and matching this unique dress code requirement.

Understanding the Festive Dress Code

Style Guide: Festive Cocktail Attire

The festive requirement is something that can be applied to many different types of dress codes, such as semi-casual, semi-formal, and formal or black tie. It’s a unique dress code that embraces the more bold, bright, and fun sides of each of these dress codes, allowing individuals to adhere to the dress code requirements in a stylish way.

Festive dress codes embrace bright colours, interesting accessories, statement pieces such as vibrant shoes or jackets, and fun patterns or outfits with embellishments.

When combined with cocktail attire, the festive dress code encourages individuals to sway away from their go-to black cocktail dresses and dark suits in favour of outfits with unique embellishments, bold colours, and interesting patterns.

Festive dress codes are common during the holiday season when Christmas and New Year’s parties are abundant, but any event throughout the year may embrace the festive dress code trend.

Examples of Festive Cocktail Attire

Style Guide: Festive Cocktail Attire

It can be hard to understand what festive cocktail attire is without first reviewing samples of these outfits.

It’s important to note that festive cocktail attire doesn’t mean abandoning your cocktail dress altogether – it simply means selecting bright colours, unique patterns, and eye-catching accessories in favour of plainer dresses and darker-coloured suits.

Examples of festive cocktail attire for men and women include:

  • A bright pink cocktail dress with a unique neckline or sleeves
  • A jumpsuit or two-piece pant and blouse combo in an interesting textile
  • Cocktail dresses with bright colours, floral patterns, or sequins and metallics
  • Men’s suits in bright colours, or with coloured accents
  • Accessories such as chunky bracelets, vibrant shoes, and boldly coloured socks for men

Remember, the ‘festive’ in ‘festive cocktail attire’ doesn’t necessarily mean festive such as holiday colours – it means bright, fun, and unique, a deviation from traditional cocktail attire that is traditionally found in colours of black, white, and red with more plain patterns, fabrics, and styles.

When Might I Be Expected to Wear Festive Cocktail Attire?

Style Guide: Festive Cocktail Attire

Festive cocktail attire can make an appearance when you least expect it, and there are a variety of events that might be fitting for this dress code. Most of the time, you will see festive cocktail attire required at events such as company holiday parties or gatherings that your friends and family throw.

Occasionally, weddings and birthday parties may request that guests wear festive attire, or you might attend a semi-formal event within your city that encourages guests to wear festive cocktail attire.

If you have questions about the specific dress code for an event, make sure to double-check directly with the event’s organizers so you can ensure you show up dressed to impress with your festive cocktail attire.

Where Can I Find Festive Cocktail Attire?

Festive cocktail attire can be found anywhere, and popular choices for shopping for festive cocktail attire include within malls or online. Wherever you can find traditional cocktail attire, you should also be able to locate cocktail dresses, two-piece outfits, or jumpsuits and suits in different bold colours.

You can find accessories for your festive cocktail attire online, or you may be able to browse stores around your city. You can also give thrift stores a try, as these stores hold lots of options for unique festive cocktail attire.

Meeting a Festive Dress Code With Style

Style Guide: Festive Cocktail Attire

Festive cocktail attire is a fun and unique dress code to meet, and you can always count on bold, bright colours to spice up your look.

Accurately meet a festive dress code by selecting a cocktail outfit in vibrant colour, accenting your outfit with bright shoes, or adding eye-catching accessories that bring your style to life.

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