Summer 2023 Makeup Trends

As the sun comes out and the weather starts to warm up summer 2023’s top makeup trends are what everybody is talking about. The winter months saw muted hues and a very soft approach to both fashion and makeup, but this summer is set to break out of the doldrums, bringing some much-needed brightness to go with that serotonin hit.

Top Makeup Trends This Summer

Makeup trends often go hand in hand with fashion and perfume trends and right now streetwear is one of the biggest focuses for the coming season, alongside unisex fragrances like Ambery Sage – Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous dupe. This means that the focus is turning towards bright bold lip colours, colourful eyeliner and more than a hint of blush. While this is what you can expect on a basic level. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll see on the freshest faces of the summer.

Soft Matte vs Glowing Skin

This summer, the runways and fashion moguls are promoting both soft matte and glowy skin looks – so which should you choose? A soft matte looks breathable and defies even the highest humidity, whether you opt for mattifying primer as a base for your usual foundation or new mousse-based products. The aim is to create a soft shine with a more controlled finish to look as cool as a cucumber even as the temperatures soar.

Glowing skin on the other hand will help you to look more natural and embrace the dewy skin that summer brings with it – you can expect glowing foundation or even powder paired with cream products like blush and eyeshadows. This look pairs well with soft satin lips.

Summer 2023 Makeup Trends

Popsicle Lip Colours

Bold lip colours are still highly trending, but the tones for this summer are firmly set with coral and orange-based reds. Stray away from pinks, go bold or go home and maybe even use a swipe of clear gloss, as dry matte lips are definitely a thing of the past. Now’s not the time to be subtle with your lip choices – make an impact wherever you go.

Rock Chick Eyelashes

It seems that long luscious falsies have had their moment and it’s time to go back to the clumpy, grungy individual lashes that were huge in the 90s. The more the wearer looks like they just came from a heavy metal concert the trendier the lash will be, so don’t be afraid to pile it right on!

Metallic Eyes in Bold Colours

It has been a while since metallic colours were really on trend, but they’re coming back in full force with zesty oranges and yellows and brilliant blues. As summer is the time for the hottest festivals, Boho is out and colour really is the creed. Select one crazy colour for the entire eyelid and pair it with rock chick lashes for that ultimate, on-trend summer look.

Will Summer Trends Suit Everyone?

Summer 2023 Makeup Trends

The good news is that they don’t have to. You can simply choose one element to focus on and keep the rest of your makeup subtle to really make it pop or you can combine multiple to really show your fashion prowess. Don’t forget that vibrant perfumes can be a wonderful addition to your overall aesthetic and you can find some fantastic replica scents that are both vegan and cruelty-free.

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