Sustanon Cycle Guide – All You Need To Know

Crazy genius alchemists strike again, creating Sustanon. Which one, Sustanon 400, 250 or maybe even 100?

About this and Sustanon cycle guide you can read later in this article.

Moreover, you will know the benefits of Sustanon and the contractions you should know before using it. I will not detain you anymore, let’s start.

What Sustanon Is And What It Is Used For

Sustanon Cycle Guide - All You Need To Know

Sustanon is a mix of different testosterone esters. There are different types of Sustanon, for example, in Sustanon 400 you can find 25mg Testosterone Propionate +25mg Testosterone Acetate +75 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate + 75mg Testosterone Isocaproate + 100mg Testosterone Decanoate + 100mg Testosterone Cypionate, while in Sustanon 250 there are 30mg Testosterone Propionate +60 mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate + 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate + 100mg Testosterone Decanoate. Choose your fighter, as they say.

Funny fact, Sustanon was created by the Organon company and there is wordplay in its name. SUSTAinability + orgaNON give us Sustanon, ingeniously, right? 

Sustanon was created as a more powerful way to cure hormonal diseases and was used in hormone replacement therapy. Now it is used by sportsmen all over the world due to its anabolic properties. As it increases levels of natural testosterone it also increases muscle mass, strength and masculinity in general. 

What You Need To Know Before Using Sustanon

Sustanon Cycle Guide - All You Need To Know

We recommend you go through the health check before each cycle and after it and call your doctor if anything happens to you. Safety and health first. This may sound really strange, but it must be noted that individuals with a peanut allergy should not consider Sustanon because it contains peanut oil. It is included in the oily substance which holds testosterone esters together.

Moreover, Sustanon is an injectable compound, and it can cause pain in the place of injection or even can cause infiltrates (lumps or “bumps” in the gluteal region or other injection sites). Usually, infiltrates will resolve in 2-5 weeks. 

As it is an injectable compound it is important to know how to make injections properly. We`ll give you some advice, but before you do it, read more articles or watch youtube. Intramuscularly drugs are injected mainly into those parts of the body in which the muscle tissue is as thick as possible, and there are no large vessels and nerve trunks nearby. Most often, these injections are done in the buttock, arm (deltoid muscle), or the front of the thigh. Note that it is best for a layman to give an injection to the gluteus muscle.

Before the injection, stretch the skin at the injection site. Press down on the plunger slowly, gradually injecting the medicine. With a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, press the injection site and remove the needle with a sharp movement. Lightly massage the injured muscle with a cotton swab so that the drug is absorbed faster and the alcohol disinfects the wound well. In general, do not forget to treat everything with alcohol. The easiest way to get infected is through a needle.

Sustanon Results

Sustanon Cycle Guide - All You Need To Know

You even decided to stick a needle in your precious butt, you need to gain something for such a high price! Gains from Sustanon can really impress you. It is more efficient than a pure test due to the fact that when one ester wears out the other comes to its place, helping you to avoid peaks and giving you the possibility to make fewer injections. In addition, it will give a significant increase in muscle mass and pleasant fat loss, which will provide you with a lean look.

Enhanced hematopoiesis – an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood provides better oxygen transport, thereby increasing endurance. Plus you will experience higher libido and finally know what good sex is. 

Dosage & Cycle

Sustanon Cycle Guide - All You Need To Know

Finally, we came to Sustanon 400 cycle dosage section. As usual, it depends on your purposes, personal background and a hell of a lot of other factors. So, here we can give you only rough cycles and samples, this is not a call to action. just information for you to know. For example, you can take 250mg (1ml) each other day of Sustanon for ten weeks. Voila, this is the cycle. But there are some options.

If you are a more experienced user you can take 500mg of Sustanon per week, along with Arimidex 0.5mg each other day and polish this beauty with 25mg of Dianabol each day (but only up to 6 out of 10 weeks. For maximum effectiveness of the cycle, take a complex of sports nutrition for gaining muscle mass and follow a diet for gaining muscle mass. 

Conclusion Sustanon is a powerful weapon in each athlete’s (who uses it) arsenal. It can help you to break through your limits for a relatively small price of side effects, which, by the way, can be easily countered or reduced by additional drugs and post-cycle therapy. Still, it is a risk for your health because of injection and because it is a steroid, you know the basics. Try it or not, it is for you to decide.  

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