Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

The finest Swiss-Mediterranean real estate is without a doubt, the best description of the extraordinary property market in the Ticino region of Switzerland. It boasts a unique lifestyle in the heart of Europe, combining elements of relaxed Italian culture and the world-class infrastructure, aristocratic discretion, and safety that Switzerland is synonymous with.

Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

It’s not difficult to see why discerning clients purchase homes and holiday homes at this destination to live out their dream lifestyle. This high-level market needs an astute and seasoned professional to introduce newcomers to the region, and Wetag Consulting is the leader in this space.

With a string of awards behind their name, their latest accolade comes from the ranks of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, which have crowned them in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Switzerland for 2022.  

Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

Ticino is a natural beauty lover’s dream. It captivates the world over with its subtropical climate and 300 beautiful summer days a year. Edged with panoramic and jaw-dropping glacier-tipped mountains, laced with crystal clear water lakes with roaring streams, and drenched in lush green vegetation, where palm trees and bamboo grow wild – this is a special kind of European paradise.

The city life in Lugano is exhilarating, where one can expect ancient baroque bells chiming in the background, while trendy scooters dash along the gorgeous promenades alongside street cafes serving their best glass of red wine. Piazzas are bordered by picture-perfect mansions, and an Italian flair of gourmet cuisine, gelato, architecture, and even, language embodies this fascinating region.   

Wetag Consulting represents this magical place as an independent, owner-managed boutique real estate agency. With nearly five decades of history behind its name, it carries a strong tradition and has an acute understanding of the local culture and Real Estate market in Ticino.

Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

The owners who manage the business, Philipp Peter, Ueli Schnorf, their team, and their families are mostly residents of the area, giving them first-hand knowledge and insight into the luxury Ticino lifestyle. This is an essential element of being able to serve clients internationally who are new to the market. Through their solid experience, they also hold key global luxury real estate networks – another vital aspect of their brokerage success.  

Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

Sellers of luxury real estate in Ticino, Switzerland are at an advantage using Wetag Consulting, due to the strength of their buyer global networks. The marketing and sale of this niche luxury sector require advanced and agile strategies to meet market demands. Wetag employs in-depth knowledge and passionate approaches to fuel their listings, together with maximum exposure to their exclusive international marketing contacts.

They will present to you precisely how your property will be promoted and marketed to a target audience spanning 70 countries, alternatively, sellers also have the option of having their property privately marketed without any publicity – where homeowners prefer discretion on these matters.   

Wetag Consulting understands today’s challenges when selling properties. They make use of broad marketing platforms and channels to promote their client’s properties to the right people. Their specialist expertise and tools support them in delivering stellar service and ultimately achieving superior results for their clients.

Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

Their multilingual, qualified, and discreet staff are passionate about property and about Ticino. They understand the market inside out and are beyond proud to have served a multitude of happy clients during their long-standing tenure.  

For buyers in the area, Wetag Consulting is a treasure trove of information about the real estate market in Ticino so that buyers can make well-informed decisions about property investment. This alleviates any despair that could possibly come from an uninformed buy and goes a long way to ensuring healthy transactions.

Buyers further benefit from their contacts within their extensive network of local experts from diverse specialist areas who assist with complimentary services. This will assist buyers with relocation services, applying for a residence permit, or even answering legal or tax-related questions. 

Many people seek to understand the difference between first and second residence options when buying property in Switzerland. Many coveted holiday regions of the world include a large number of holiday apartments that are full in the high season and often empty in the off-season, with owners who pay little tax at these locations. Local communities provide and maintain an extensive infrastructure for these peak times.  

Switzerland, and Ticino, enforce certain regulations for homeowners in the area, and here are the key points: 

  • If you want to spend most of your time in Ticino and Switzerland, you must relocate your main residence to your Swiss home. 
  • If you are not Swiss and do not already live in Switzerland and wish to buy a large property in Ticino, you must also move your main residence here. 
  • A second home (or vacation/holiday home) in Ticino is possible for those who are Swiss or already live in Switzerland and do not want to spend the majority of their time in Ticino. This is also possible for non-Swiss owners who live abroad and use their Ticino property for holidays only. These are limited to homes with a maximum of 200m2 of living space and 1000m2 of land. 

A number of other provisions and special cases are possible, which Wetag Consulting can share with you. 

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Swiss Excellence & Mediterranean Lifestyle In The Heart Of Europe

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Such world-renowned brands as Chanel, Dom Perignon, and Ferrari were proudly named winners. The victory brings companies status and recognition, global promotion, and exposure to an entirely new market of customers. 

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