Tenerife For a Day: What To See And Do On This Canary Island

Finding the right summer holiday destination is hard as the world is full of magnificent places. However, there is one island that is just perfection, a gem that knows how to enchant all its visitors.

Of course, we are talking about Tenerife. This gorgeous Canary Island is always a brilliant idea.

Even if you only have one day in Tenerife, it is certain that you will have a splendid time. But what should you see and do on this Canary Island? Discover all about Tenerife below!

When Is The Best Time to Visit Tenerife?

Although most people associate Tenerife with summer, you will probably be glad to hear that it is a great place to visit all year round.

Even during the winter months temperatures are around 15°C, and there is plenty of sunshine.

Most tourists visit Tenerife in summer, so if overcrowded beaches and streets stress you out, you should seriously consider going there any other season or time of the year that suits you.

Tenerife For a Day: What To See And Do On This Canary Island

How to Reach Tenerife?

By Sea

If you are in Spain or on any other Canary island, a quick trip to Tenerife is a must.

There are ferries that will take you directly to Tenerife’s main port, the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This offers the most idyllic way to get your first glimpses of the island.

By Air

The easiest and most comfortable way to arrive at Tenerife is by plane, and this is why so many tourists opt for this mode of transport.

There are two airports on the island, one in the north and one in the south, making it super easy for travellers to choose the ideal one for them depending on where they are staying.

Getting to Tenerife Airport

Tenerife For a Day: What To See And Do On This Canary Island

How to hire a car at Tenerife South Airport?

As the largest Canary island, there are numerous beaches, villages, souvenir shops, museums, restaurants and clubs to visit on Tenerife.

Hiring a car allows you to explore the island effortlessly while admiring its gorgeous landscapes and taking advantage of its excellent tourist services.

Where to hire a car at Tenerife South Airport?

You can save precious holiday time by even hiring a car online. It might sound risky, but it is not as you not only have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from but also are provided with all the necessary information you need in order to make the right choice based on your travelling needs.

You can get a car hire service at Tenerife South airport by Holiday Cars and explore the amazing Canary Island at your own pace without a care in the world. With clear policies and excellent customer service, there is nothing to worry about.

What to See and Do In Tenerife?

Tenerife is renowned for its beautiful beaches. The more time you spend by the sea, swimming or trying water sports, the better.

Playa de las Teresitas and Los Cristianos are popular beaches that you should definitely visit. The Museum of Nature and Man, the Teide National Park and the Pyramids of Güímar are cultural sites that you must explore.

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